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2nd generation module socket Taobao public square chip remote control switch without batteries


Recently, the Haie Lele can the company introduced a second generation mold square socket | Remote Control | Get fiery public attention on Taobao edge. Data show that there are more than ten days from the end of the project, is currently supporting the number has reached more than 1,200 people, the target completion rate of 240 percent, all to raise money from the preset target 50,000 to break through to the 120,000 or more.
      Compared to a generation swept the world die square socket explosion models, the second generation module Taobao public square just raised as a market test the water, in terms of publicity can be described as very low-key. But with the norm of the second generation of products on Taobao platform to raise public exposure, which by "remote passive" subversion upgrade, set a new standard socket again, causing the industry and consumers.
      So, compared to Red Dot Design Award in the Arab Lele can mold a generation explosion models square socket, two generations die square socket in the end and what the "magic" set off another burst-mode square storm in the market? Next, reporters will The creative home to find out.
       2nd generation module socket Taobao public square chip remote control switch without batteries
       Passive remote control, "magic" in your hands
       It is understood that the first generation of die Ah Lele square socket can use three-dimensional design, not only to solve the traditional Strip jack problem of irrational space, but also be placed anywhere the flexible use of its "unconventional" concept to make the brand in the socket industry sprung up everywhere.
However, with respect to the generation of mold square socket, square socket 2nd generation die more committed user of "human experience." A project manager Lin Jun can Lele said: "The second generation module side outlet user simply by the touch of a hand or foot passive remote control, you can easily control within a certain distance socket switch this time we are major upgrade increases. Passive remote control switch, no longer have to worry about the traditional switch inserted row is not easy to switch problem. "
         Consumers also question why passive remote control capable of self-generating response, Lin Jun explained:? "When we designed this passive remote control reference design principles when wireless doorbell, passive remote control built-in mini power module, use press the instant kinetic energy into electrical energy micro, also issued a radio signal instruction, remote control socket power switch. "
          "Usually power module comes to a standstill, there is no energy loss, operating time can be as long as several decades. For this reason, our products can also be said to be 'science and technology in the back, in front of humanity'."
           A Lele can mold the second generation of the user-friendly outlet side experience to a new level, and the industry has set a new benchmark. "This time we have another great feature is the foot switch products, taking into account the user hands is inconvenient to touch the switch, in many cases, for example, holding his hands full of bags just go home, or hands are wet. Therefore passive remote control On a big button design, user-friendly foot to control the switch. "
          2nd generation module socket Taobao public square chip remote control switch without batteries
          "One major feature is the passive remote can N stickers gum, general remote control is easy to lose, we use N, paste adhesive to fix the problem. Back passive remote has two N times paste adhesive, they can be fixed in any place vision clinics, and easy access will not be lost. In addition gum can be reused and does not leave marks on the surface. If you want to restore sticky, just use a damp cloth to wipe clean, wait until the adhesive to dry you can use it again. "Lin Jun project manager, he told reporters.
           A second generation according to Lele can die square socket on Taobao public presentation of chips, die square socket | Remote Control | A notable feature is its multiple pairing. A plurality of passive remote control with a norm of socket | Remote Control | pair, and vice versa. When pairing, simply press mold square socket | Remote Control | button for 5 seconds or more, then tap passive accessory remote control it, you can pair the two                        together. In more with multiple usage scenarios, double-click the passive remote control, you can turn off all paired mold square socket | Remote Control |, to achieve synchronization effect.
            In addition, such a pairing can be flexible modular square socket undoubtedly applicable to a variety of scenarios, kitchen, office, house, living room bedroom ...... "As a young man, I often buy some creative smart home, Ah Lele 2nd generation can die square socket convenient and environmentally friendly, easy to use, but also uses passive switch. the development of intelligent home will also be a direction for the future, I believe the future there will be more people like A Le Ke product. "industrial designer Chen told reporters.
           It is understood that the Arab Lele but a commitment to redesign the everyday, and eventually achieve such a purpose: When people think of a product, they will first think of our designed products, and forget the traditional appearance of the product. This is what we call "a different standard", or "new standard innovation."
           This time, the second generation A Lele can die square socket on Taobao congregation raised a storm off the norm of sustained hot, raise public event will be held July 5 closeout.

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