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tado - intelligent air conditioning remote control


      The name of this product is called tado, its magic relies mainly on infrared and WiFi completed, this product can be controlled via infrared air conditioner. This product's intelligent controller can be networked via WiFi, connecting the user's mobile terminal. It is worth mentioning that this product is everything without any network cables, very easy and convenient, but also very simple to install.
       This product comes with a touch screen controller itself, so that the user can control the operation of the air conditioner directly on the controller. But also visually tell the current state of the user of this product on the air conditioning control panel. Moreover, the control module is also equipped with a number of sensors, including: a series of sensor temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light sensors, sound sensors, motion sensors, Bluetooth module and other interactions.
       This product is currently available for purchase on related sites, priced at $ 199.

Keywords:Automatic climate control, remote control, this product
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