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In 2019, the home of An Ruichuang remote control gathered here to celebrate the event!


In 2019, the home of An Ruichuang remote control gathered here to celebrate the event!

  On January 19, 2019, Shenzhen Anruichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Dongguan. Company general manager Vincent, deputy general Samuel, CEO Betty, chief operating officer Mr. Han, Indian marketing director Vipin, and An Ruichuang's long-term partner, media friends and all employees of An Ruichuang Here, a great event!

  Mr. Vincent of Shenzhen Anruichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. first gave an opening speech. Vincent said: Shenzhen Anruichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved impressive results in 2018 in the hard work of all colleagues and in the heart and soul. In the case of the impact of the overall market of the remote control and the international financial crisis, it is still able to maintain growth. This is all thanks to the concerted efforts of the support of the family and friends of Anrui, which is invincible and wins!
  2018 is a year of major changes in the company's growth. It also established the strategic direction of Anrui Chuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in the future smart home market. The company introduced the amoeba business model and adjusted its organizational structure in 2018. The performance appraisal of the Boss Management Science Research Institute has made sufficient preparations and accumulated strength for the strategic goals of the company in the future development, and is always ready to charge!
   As the guests of the venue arrived one after another, the spacious and bright main venue became full of joy, light and shadow, and applause. With the sound of the national anthem, the New Year will officially kick off. Immediately after the representatives of various departments of the company brought a passionate aerobics performance, the whole team's positive and energetic face won the applause! Also effective warm-up for the next show! Wonderful start to bring you a wonderful layered life like the Anrui remote control. Blooming one by one!

  Lottery: third prize, second prize draw, first prize draw, special prize draw, lottery detonate the entire venue, screams, shouts, cheers, one after another.

  Performance link: An Rui's family's little baby show--Dance: Happy childhood, guest sing-along interpretation and An Rui Chuang's brother-like "Brother" feelings! Essays: hard work, song "Run", song "Fish", song "Run", dance "Love Waltz"

  Awards: Best Contribution Award, Best Capacity Breakthrough Award, Best Career Award, Most Hardworking Award, Service Years of Service for more than three years, Service Year Award for more than five years, and Run Team Award.

   The Year of the Dog will be exhausted, the Golden Pig Nafu, the Spring Festival is just around the corner, in everyone's reluctance, An Ruichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 welcomes the New Year will come to a close, gratitude and joy, honor and vows, stirring in everyone's heart, and Become the common spiritual wealth of all Enrique.
   Not far from next year, the future can be expected! We believe that in the next Spring Festival, we will be able to meet you again with a new harvest and a happy and simple face! No matter how far apart, no matter how many winds and rains, we will always be around the edge of An Rui, to achieve the goal of the smart home remote control to the world, to establish a solid foundation! Go ahead!

For more information on the intelligent remote control of An Ruichuang, please refer to: http://www.anycon.com.cn

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