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A "egg" to control all infrared remote control home appliances


       No longer fear their children out of their scope of protection it! This afternoon, a "Smart Life" product launch was held in Suzhou International Science Park, a children's intelligent positioning watches attracted everyone's attention. It is reported that this intelligent positioning children can always locate the child watch position, standby time of more than five days, and a lifetime of zero tariffs, but also has a powerful waterproof.
       Children watch intelligent positioning: the positioning accuracy of about 50 m
       In recent years, incidents of missing children abducted by all the attention, many parents have such problems: Daibu Zhu naughty child, always attracted attention, parents can not always staring at something ridden children. So watch for the children's intelligence, targeting parents are most concerned about the core functionality. However, currently available to adopt a more intelligent positioning wristwatch positioning accuracy may not be too high.
       To solve this problem, which the intelligent positioning wristwatch with a GPS location, WiFi positioning, base station positioning and inertial positioning, integrated use of these four positioning technology. "We can make our position this child watches intelligent positioning accuracy of about 50 meters, is the highest positioning accuracy of the first children intelligent positioning watch." Kong Zhenhua says general manager of the company.
       In addition, parents can set the electronic fence electronic fence function in the city, as long as the child out of the fence, parents will receive a reminder. Parents can also use the track playback, know the child 24 hours of action.
    Currently, children's intelligence watch of standby time basically 1 to 2 days, this children's intelligence watch of standby time can reach more than five days. In addition, the emergence of some of the children currently on the market most of the smart watch needs to buy a phone card into the watch, at least 10 yuan monthly consumption. Because the plug-in, so most functions are relatively weak product waterproof. In response, the company also created a free card feature, which not only allow the "guardian angel" to achieve a lifetime of zero tariff, and has super waterproof function. Currently, this children's intelligence watches have application in more than 100 cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Hunan and other country.
        Universal remote control "very egg": the owner has not been entered, all of the appliances have been a good start
    In the conference, an "egg" smart products also attracted everyone's attention. It is reported that, as an intelligent entry-era home products, this "Smart Set egg" has a strong infrared transmitter function, you can simulate thousands of families infrared remote control signal, so that we can control all the home through an "egg" infrared remote control home appliances, real and variety of remote control goodbye.
        According to the company's operations director Wu Haiyun reports, this "extreme egg" infrared remote control can control all appliances, not only has massive cloud data for remote users to easily paired, but also provides users with universal IR learning function, users can DIY their own exclusive remote control. For example, matching a particular brand of remote control, the encounters not included remote control, you can also DIY learning function added to it, first of all named to the remote control, and then select the key you want to learn, top aligned extremely eggs, pressing need to learn button, a button to learn well, other keys can also be added through the same way, after saving a remote control on the study is complete.
         In addition to the traditional remote control functions, "very egg" also has a scene function, timing control and distance sensors and other intelligent functions, proactively induction home owner or home state, the main people automatically turn on or turn off appliances, even without the user manual control. In the APP in the scene function, users can add different buttons on the remote control consisting of a string of commands, can be composed of some of the more interesting scenarios, such as setting a home scenario, when you point at home, it could also turn on the TV, open to your favorite channels, open air, adjusted to the optimum temperature. Then set a home mode, when you leave the house, click turn off air conditioning, television, set-top boxes and other equipment, very very easy to worry. In addition, if long press a scene, you can see the Settings button proximity sensor feature, you can choose to set the scene and click enter, you need to set the scene to start the appliance, "very egg" will automatically sense the owner came back, When the door has not been all good appliance has been launched.

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