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MightyRC: allows smartphone into a universal remote control


Smartphone place in people's lives more and more, except instead of the traditional watches, alarm clock and other functions, but also because of the increasingly powerful camera gradually replace digital cameras. Now, smart phones begin to replace the remote control, "control everything" was.
Modern life, inevitably there will be a variety of different home appliances remote control, if we can set them to be functionally integrated into one remote control device, it was perfect. Recently, one called "MightyRC" equipment R & D success, this device is capable of all the household appliances (such as high-definition television, stereo system and a media player, etc.) the collection together.
This MightyRC receiver dimensions 80 x 80 x 18mm, connected via Bluetooth 4.0 and smartphones, and with the appropriate application, the user can operate directly through their smartphone.
The maximum effective distance is 30 meters MightyRC equipment, including hardware and software in two parts. Hardware for the main infrared transmitter built Bluetooth module, and MightyRC smartphone via Bluetooth connected. However, equipment developers, said the best use of the range MightyRC is 6 meters, and very strong signal can be controlled household appliances out of sight. The universal remote control MightyRC by the three 3A battery, replace the battery life time of six months.
Here's what the software part of this device, the exclusive MightyRC application enables them to stand out in its class. Supporting the application provides "a means to start," the summary of the command, the user can preset number of control commands on your phone, then only one operation can issue all commands. In addition, this application also supports gestures.
Currently this MightyRC equipment to be compatible Android 4.3 and above and iOS systems. Stage has been raised in the public website Indiegogo fund raising, users only need to pay $ 49 (about 303 yuan) will be able to obtain this universal remote control. Developers are expected to be available this November.

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