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AMS Launched The Industry's First Integrated Universal Remote Control


A global leader in high-performance analog IC and sensor supplier ams (Ai Maisi, SIX ticker symbol: AMS) today introduced a new series of advanced optical sensor module TMx4903 integrated universal remote control, bar code simulation, RGB color sensor, closeness measurement and 3D gesture detection, package size only 5.0x2.0x1.0mm.
      TMx4903 highly integrated module reduces board space size requirements, to meet the needs of today's smart phones new features and significantly reduce material costs. By integrating a plurality of optical sensing function and an infrared LED, TMx4903 module helps simplify circuit board layout smartphone, providing greater flexibility to the system designer. Compact packaging also allows designers to meet consumer demand for smart phones more stylish, more light, more aesthetic needs.
TMD4903 and TMG4903 are two series of the module can achieve accurate color perception and proximity detection, and integrated an IR infrared beam pattern generator. IR pattern generator can emit infrared signals to control any standards-compliant consumer products. Universal remote control feature is also compatible Android ™ users, it's infrared programming interface can be placed on your smartphone. Mobeam ™ one-dimensional bar code emulation feature can also be applied to support its retail point of sale (POS) terminal equipment.
       TMG4903 also offers the industry's most advanced non-contact infrared gesture sensing functions. ams new 3D gesture recognition technology enables the device to identify more complex gestures, is a first-generation gesture ams sensor TMG3992 supplement, TMG3992 can recognize simple South - North and East - West and other two-dimensional gestures.
        TMx4903 new 3D gesture and proximity sensing capabilities through the infrared LED timing and automatically adjust the output power, reducing noise and power consumption, while optimizing the sensitivity and dynamic range. TMx4903 contains innovative circuit technology, interference from ambient light. Automatic calibration feature eliminates electrical noise and optical crosstalk. The integrated intelligent LED driver function to control it without LED driver functionality through an application processor, which greatly simplifies the implementation of mobile phone software, reducing the instantaneous gesture recognition processing power required.
          Darrel Benke ams, senior product marketing manager, said: "Today's smart phones to excellence in technology leadership, improve product functionality and aesthetics for consumers to be sure to use TMD4903 or TMG4903 can help manufacturers of smart phones will be integrated into a new industry. height. "

     TMD4903 and TMG4903 now in volume production, the EV kit is also available. For further product information or contact local sales offices and distributors obtain samples.

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