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Apple or push version 4K iMac and multi-touch Bluetooth remote control


Apple released a developer beta version of OS X El Capitan operating systems that are not too many new features for consumers to upgrade, but implied the company's future product related information two are the new version of 4K 21.5 inch iMac and new Bluetooth remote control.
       From OS X El Capita test version of the operating system point of view, it will be equipped with the new Apple iMac 21.5 inches with a resolution of 4096x2304 company's display panel. Since the 27-inch iMac has been equipped with a 5K screen, so the new iMac with 21.5 inches 4K display is a reasonable guess.
       In addition to mention 4K display outside, the software upgrade also mentioned a new Intel graphics chipset, called Iris Pro 6200. This chipset is released earlier this month, it is suitable for the version with 4K iMac. Also mentioned are also four new AMD Radeon R9 processor (M380, M390, M395 and the M395X), which may indicate that there will be more Mac version 4K iMac models or upgrade options.
       In addition to the iMac, El Capitan software updates, a new file appears to confirm one thing, that Apple has been developing a new Bluetooth remote control (Bletooth Remote Control). Judging from the file, the new hardware integration, a Bluetooth chip can connect a variety of devices via infrared detectors, and with support for inertial scrolling Multi-Touch trackpad. In addition, this new Bluetooth remote control also may support Force Touch, and it is possible to support audio input.

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