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Apple's Touch ID patent can control the TV remote control


Touch ID brings convenience we have been very clear, and then later on the Apple TV's remote control can also use Touch ID, then, is not very beautiful sound? Apple TV users are not looked forward to an update on the early 6 WWDC, but Apple did not give up Apple TV. Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced the Apple TV remote control to an Apple patent application, it is worth noting that patents Apple TV remote control support Touch ID.
      This patent document, entitled "Device configuration for multiple users using remote user biometrics" (to detect the user's biometric sensors), is simply a support Touch ID of the remote control, the file can be seen on the remote control will follow, according to the fingerprint judgment How Apple TV operations and provides a user-friendly channel. Touch ID also supports home automation applications and automatically change the temperature of the thermostat and open the garage door.
       In practice, to identify the user to download the user profile to user profile launch the program can display the corresponding instantaneous, such as a device in the boot button integrated fingerprint sensor, the user presses the power button, pick up the remote control, the corresponding device may have been shown to the user likes programs.
With support for Apple HomeKit devices onto the market, the importance of smart home in Apple's future plans are also increasing.

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