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Apple's new patent to re-create the remote control


Apple's vision, the future will be equipped with remote control fingerprint sensor.

On Thursday the US Patent and Trademark Office published a new patent application, entitled "Biometric technology based remote user multi-user device configuration", this new technology is to personalize your remote. Men and women at home can create a profile on television, set-top boxes or other devices on the remote control input biometric information (such as fingerprints).

Apple's new patent to re-create the remote control

Why spend so much effort fingerprint or retina sensor mounted on a small remote control it? According to Apple's patent, the concept of the device can provide a "personalized experience" without affecting others. We look at how Apple can make the brain to achieve this "personalized experience."
First, this new technology eliminates the trouble you will create a profile for the device, and is now home to both men and women, as long as the input fingerprint or retina scan can be easily personalized settings. In addition, parents can also view the contents of a child limit.
Although Apple only took television cited example, but in fact you can use this new remote control all other smart devices. Specific application scenario is as follows:
First, the home the couple will share some of the equipment, such as television, computer or game console, and two people prefer different in volume, screen layout, screensavers, and brightness contrast. And now through this technology, they can at any time by fingerprint or retina recognition for their outgoing setting.
Second, based on different biological recognition results, your TV, player or other electronic devices can you recommend some to match your personal preferences television shows, movies, music or games.
Third, buy a new TV is not even re-set again? How can there be so much trouble, as long as you were before you had set via fingerprint or retina recognition in other television in the new TV scan again, your original settings and preferences will be perfectly synchronized.
Some existing equipment already provided personal information to create a functional and some way of matching identification. For example, Microsoft's Xbox Kinect can be identified by the body scanning. However, if Apple that vision can come true, and its advantages in the general degree of popularity and recognition speed will be unparalleled.

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