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Black sense Daily Update: remote control and maintenance know-how


    Remote is a remote control device used machinery. Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages consisting button. The passenger door remote control is using the latest technology encoding and decoding, to wink controlled door pump solenoid valve switch to achieve the purpose of automatic doors. For passenger cars (buses, CMB) remote control opening and closing the door, the driver each time to avoid the need to open the door on the car trouble.
TV common sense Daily Update:
    The main portion of the remote controller transmitting component is infrared light-emitting diode. It is actually a special light emitting diode, because of its internal material different from the ordinary light emitting diodes, so when a certain voltage is applied to both ends thereof, it will be issued instead of visible light is infrared.
Any product as long as the proper use and maintenance will prolong its lifespan, the TV remote control is no exception. Following on from the World Wide Web home network Xiaobian give you some tips on the remote control it.
    1. Do not wet, remote control home appliances using or placing high temperature environment, just because it was easy to make home appliances remote control damage to internal components, or accelerated aging appliances inside the remote control device, can also cause deformation of the casing.
    2, home appliances remote shell (look) dirty, do not use thinner, gasoline and other organic cleaning agents to clean because these cleaners are on the remote control home appliances shell corrosive.
    3, if your remote control home appliances malfunction, please do not open their own repair, we recommend you to remote control home appliances to the appliance maintenance department for professional repair personnel detection and repair.
    4, avoid remote control home appliances intense shock or falling from a height, remote control home appliances when not in use for a long time, remove the batteries.
    5, if the circumstances appear some keys can not be used, it may be dirty inside the remote control, carefully open the conductive rubber keys and the circuit board surface, with cotton dipped in an appropriate amount of ethanol to clean, you can use it with a hair dryer .

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