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Bluetooth Remote Control Features


Bluetooth is commonly used wireless communication technology, often used on mobile phones. Using my software, plus a Bluetooth adapter, so long as the phone supports Bluetooth development java, you can use your phone into a computer remote control, within 10 meters of a computer remote control, which can enter text using a mobile phone to PC also can control your mouse and keyboard, and convenient.

You can lie in bed watching movies, listening to music, using a mobile phone to operate, or your phone has a handwritten card, you can put the phone into a computer tablet, easy to operate and fun.

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is a short-distance radio link system, it can be associated with different electronic devices together. Principle is like a radio, equipped with Bluetooth electronic equipment that can receive incoming messages, thereby performing specific instructions. However, Bluetooth will not only receive, but also can be "transferred", therefore equipped with Bluetooth electronic equipment, can communicate with each other.

Now, most of the computer accessories such as printers, screens, etc., should be connected on the wire, it can pass each other messages through its short but Bluetooth receiver system, you can make these parts at no split lines, still capable of delivering instruction, truly "wireless" in the world.

For example, a mobile phone if not connected to a telephone line, it can not "access" to receive e-mail, but with the help of Bluetooth, users will receive e-mail via mobile phone, and then transmitted to a laptop, you can achieve "wireless" Internet access.

However, the use of Bluetooth is still not comprehensive enough place, because of its short range, being only can be used in indoor range, so to enjoy the convenience of wireless, it can only be in the room.

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