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Car remote control and maintenance of common problems can not be ignored small pieces


  Car remote control and maintenance of common problems can not be ignored small pieces of car remote control convenience to people at the same time, and sometimes there will be some minor problems, the following are some of the remote common problems and solutions.
    First, the remote control does not respond If the button on the remote control when the light is not bright or very dark, you may be remote control battery is low; if you replace batteries, the remote indicator does not light, check the battery positive and negative polarity anti-loaded and the battery is good contact with the mount; if the above checks no problem, but the remote indicator does not light, you should check whether the key is damaged, if the reaction by some key indicators, some buttons are not responding , it is likely that the key damage, or remote control damage.
     Second, the remote control may not control the door shall be in accordance with the above speak first make sure the remote control is a problem, if the remote control is no problem, and this case is finished after replacing the battery or alarm system components appear, then the program should be carried out according to a fixed Match the remote control, not all models are required to match, different models have different requirements; if there are two remote control, you can test another remote control for a reaction, if another remote control has reacted, it may be that the remote password is lost, need to re-match; if the match is made still can not use the remote control, you may have a problem, or receiving host this remote transmitting antenna problems; if the remote host is masked or near strong sources of interference, the host can not receive the electromagnetic waves emitted by remote control, can not control central locking action.
    Third, effective close proximity when the remote control is disturbed if this problem is to use the remote control for some time appears, then the battery is running low; if sometimes near and sometimes far away, it may be affected by the environment; If the remote control Host is blocked or disturbed, there will be such a problem, such as a vehicle explosion-proof membrane affixed to the remote host has a shielding effect, the role of the car in some electrical equipment has interference.
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