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Cell phone camera to check infrared remote control


Phone camera can detect infrared remote launch tube in widely circulated online, home TV remote control, air conditioning, remote control, simply open the phone's camera can test infrared emission control is working, remote control is used to determine the problem or the television or air conditioning and other equipment problems, this is a very wonderful thing, then the principle of mobile phone camera can detect infrared remote launch tube of what is it?
To test the remote control infrared emission of the following:
Step one: Open the phone camera;
Step two: the remote control before emitting diodes aligned with the phone camera lens;
The third step: press the remote control button the phone will be able to display any light.
Can be found through the field, the more battery power is sufficient light is stronger. This light is not seeing us, but the cell phone camera can detect any mobile phone with a camera as long as can be detected.
So what this amazing phenomenon principle is it?
There are different wavelengths of light, the human eye can perceive the general electromagnetic waves between 400 ~ 760nm wavelength, and the light emitted by the remote control belonging to infrared, IR (Infrared) is the wavelength of electromagnetic waves between microwave and visible light between the wavelengths 760 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm) between the non-visible light longer than red. Wavelength of light outside the visible range, light in the wavelength range of the human eye can not see, but digital cameras and mobile phones, but the photosensitive member can receive infrared rays, and can be used for imaging.
In addition, as the infrared light will inevitably result in more influence on the camera's imaging cameras to maximize the effect of reducing the naked eye can see, it generally increases ICF IR cut filter in front of the lens. But these ICF does not bring all of infrared filters are all blocked, so using a mobile phone camera lens at the remote control can still be seen.
We are interested we try, very useful. With the lens at the remote control infrared light-emitting diode, if the remote control infrared light-emitting diode is not lit, it is basically possible to prove this to the remote control is bad, everyone home after the remote control when a problem can be so try.

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