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Detailed proof remote control code


Detailed proof remote control code

1.  The bottom of the remote control power switch to the ON key position, the blue LED flashes five times, then the remote control to enter the operating mode.

2.  The remote control within 30 seconds boot, press [AM SWTICH] key [+] hold volume of about 3 seconds, wait for the LED lights up after release, this time remote control to enter the code states.
3. In the end into the USB receiver equipment to begin yards.
4. After the success of the code LED light is off, flashes three times, this remote control can work properly.
5. If the code is not successful within 30 seconds, LED lights directly off, re-enter the code again on the state code.
Note: When the factory remote control and receiver pair, so the first time you use does not need to re-pair.

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