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Digital TV remote control buttons Features


General home filled with digital cable television, is commonly known as DVB-C, TV features and more, the remote control button can have. Often call the hotline to ask the audience, "one-button remote control is doing"; more some viewers do not accidentally press the wrong button, but that has its own TV problems, sudden joke. Now, explain to you in detail the role of a common digital TV remote control function keys.
1 red key to open
Red On the top left of the key on the remote control, digital TV set-top box control switch. In the case of set-top box powered, click to open the key, just cut off the signal transmission set-top box. And the TV remote control is different, the key to open and can not control home TV switch.
2, the main menu key
Click on it, digital television into the "Main Menu" status. When clicked, it shows the six functions on the TV screen digital TV. In addition, the "System Settings" test search the digital TV channels, user parameter selection and signal.
3, mute button
When clicked, digital TV is muted.
4, the numeric keys
0-9 from a total of 10 keys. Digital TV is now for everyone to provide 56 sets of television programs in TV mode, press the number keys to enter it represents TV channels. For example, the corresponding figure is Qingdao five sets of 19, then press 1, then press 9.
5, the sound button
Pale yellow button (V +, V-), control the sound of digital television.
6, P +, P- keys
White phosphor key, the sound key below. Like ordinary TV, select the TV channel can + by P, P- key. P +, P- key and control the broadcast channel selection, you can press these keys to choose to listen to the radio channels.
7, [Information] key
In the case of normal TV viewing, click on the button, there will be a program guide of the current TV program on the screen.
8, [alternately] key
You can switch between TV channels.
9, up, down, left, right and OK button
These five keys, a high frequency in the use of digital television. Select the TV channel, according to the upper and lower key inquiries; see the next TV show, according to the left and right keys inquiries; select digital media, according to the up, down, left, right query. In view digital media information, the middle OK key, no matter what function, you can press the OK button to enter the query. In the TV status, the normal TV screen when press [Enter] to enter the channel list status.
10, on the next page button
After the TV into the channel list, press the up and down keys to select a TV channel. In view digital media information, the press up and down keys to query information.
11, exit, return key
Into the digital media future, in view of information, if you want to return to the previous level, press [Return] key, if you want to return directly to digital media home side, press [Exit] key.
12, function keys
Pale yellow button on the remote control of the yellow area.
Digital television for everyone to provide the six functions of these six key yellow area represents six function. Every feature is one key, press the [TV], [broadcasting], [on demand], [information], [business], [e-mail] key to enter the function respectively.
13, the picture still key
Many viewers ask, say you accidentally press the remote control, the TV screen suddenly motionless. This is according to the static screen [] key, if you want the live TV screen in order to see a clear still, just press the button. After the rest, continue to press this button, the TV screen back to normal.
14 channel keys
A divided voice digital television stereo, left channel, right channel three. Because of the different channels of some TV show at the time of the transmission signal used, so when the staff install a digital TV in general will track the user's home digital television channel for each adjusted. Watching TV, if you accidentally press the [channel] key, there has been the phenomenon of noise or no sound, continue to press [channel] key adjustment over it.
15. Language key
Display digital television offers a Chinese and English, press this key to switch languages.
16, favorite channel key
Digital TV offers so many wonderful television channel, choose to see their favorite channels would not be too much trouble? In fact, you do not worry, digital television offers a setting function favorite channels. Currently, digital television offers a total of three favorite channel settings and then set up, you can press this button to cycle through direct repeats.
17, the program table key
Click [program list] button, you can view a week of promo.
18, other keys
Digital television for everyone to provide a number of features in the future there will be some features will continue to meet you. Some key function is set for the future, such as [TAB] key [to buy] key, etc. Refresh button on the remote control.
19, four-color function keys
Located in the bottom of the remote control, the blue, yellow, green, red four key components. The four key functions should be subject to the on-screen instructions, and in different states, they represent not the same function. For example, when watching on-demand programming, you can use the red button to make an appointment. Under the state program list, the blue button represents a single channel, if you want to see the TV trailer for a TV channel, you can click this button. Green button represents the time, in the program table functions, if you want to see the program for a period of various television channels, click on this button to view it. Click on the yellow button, you have an appointment to view the good programs.

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