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Digital TV set-top box integration remote machine interaction


     Due to a variety of factors, digital television "machine" has not yet formed a large-scale applications around the cable digital TV set-top box receives the required conversion. The set-top box and TV needs are controlled by respective remote control, not only operational cumbersome and prone to misuse, the user thus creating resentment. During the whole turn, he appeared in the case of some older users abandon set-top box, only to watch analog channels reserved. This is one of the main problems plagued the digital television viewing is a major obstacle, but also digital TV overall conversion work is facing. To solve this problem, local radio and television operators and television sets, set-top box manufacturers have proposed a variety of solutions, has now entered the market application phase solution is to use "having a learning function digital TV set-top box remote control."
      Featuring Learning digital television set-top box remote control are also called "learning remote control" technology emerged in recent years, it is by adding a set of control buttons on the original set-top box remote control for the television on, off, switch the remote video source and adjust the volume, and several other basic functions. This set of keys before use after setting it with the TV remote control on the user's home button function consistent.
     Not difficult to see the actual effects of the above technology is the TV remote control buttons ported to the set-top box remote control, on the surface, reducing a remote control, but in fact, the technology is still not well resolved TVs and set-top boxes remote control problems were due to the increase of the keys on the set-top box remote control, the probability of operator error increases.
    Another deficiency learning remote control technology is to increase the number of set-top box and remote control volume button, it will not only greatly enhance the remote control hardware production costs, will give the user operates the adverse experience.
    Default source of some of the TV is not top boxes, each time you turn the TV will require the user to switch between sources. On some televisions, this operation need to go through several steps, learning remote control is no exception, need such and such an operation again. Overall assessment, learning remote user experience no significant improvement.
    I learned in the investigation, the majority of television sets has a standby memory function, then boot, automatically go to standby before the last signal source; some TV signal can interrupt latency into standby, but power and volume still need to operate with a separate remote control. Users need better integration program to achieve TVs and set-top box remote control, want to use a remote control, you can achieve as a remote control for a feeling, that is, television set-top box linkage.
    I was doing research TV digital interactive interface while studied boxes and integrated remote control technology. Setting objective of the study is: 1 with an ordinary remote control to achieve "one machine" remote effect; 2 for all with TV, and no need to change the TV; 3 can independently of other techniques... achieve alone; 4 can be realized at low cost.
    Currently, the integrated remote control technology framework has been completed and is characterized by having a learning function based on the TV set-top box linkage function, through pre-set, so get on TV set-top box remote control capability, setting operation is completed at the man-machine interface, easy and intuitive. Once set, the user need only set-top box remote control, as usual, with a TV set-top box will open, shut down, switch program source, adjust the volume, eliminating the need for separate operation.
    Such set-top boxes of mass production is expected to increase less than one per cent of the cost of a single, but the user experience can be effectively improved. The technology to meet the individual needs of users, during the transition to digital TV and the whole revolution after the whole value-added services will play a catalytic role. In order to make the integration of remote control technology quickly into the market, the technology is to seek cooperation projects.

Keywords:Top boxes, digital TV, box-machine interaction
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