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Entertainment remote control box phone + phone = gold portfolio


      How mobile performance HIMFONE entertainment box? How do I configure?
      THIMFONE entertainment box can serve as a mobile phone is the first TV box used concurrently true eight-core Android smartphone 5.0 inch screen, 1080p HD resolution? Screen seamless border with optical adhesive bonding technology, with anti-bacterial, Anti visual fatigue, anti-traumatic effects. ? After the phone shell with PC Air nano-slip anti-friction material, feel comfortable and beautiful. IPS178-degree viewing angle to watch the screen remains clear. Mobile rear camera 8 million pixels, front 5 million, the self-timer to shoot him, high-definition show. Audio playback using the K class, stereo surround better. In performance, THIMFONE entertainment box handsets eight-core CPU is really strong power chip, plus a fixed memory 16g, run the memory 2G, playing in the big game watching HD ultra-clear video, experience the ultimate smooth zero Caton entertainment. With quick charge function, two hours can be filled, happy uninterrupted!
      Why THIMFONE entertainment phone box called "entertainment box"? What entertainment box again?
THIMFONE entertainment box phone is called a "entertainment box", the reason is that after the phone matching gold partner "Mobile Remote Control" can use the phone as a TV box, very simple to use. Users simply a MHL cable, one end connected to the phone, one connected to the high-definition television interface. At the same time, the phone can be synchronized television independent charging?, Do not worry because the mobile phone and TV simultaneously broadcast large power shutdown caused phenomenon. Therefore, THIMFONE entertainment box phone can bring a friend home theater experience, spend some time and money outside the theater.
      One of the key lies in our mobile phone with a Bluetooth phone a remote control, the world's first radio-controlled mobile phone can thus become second phone box Android phones universal accessories. It is not restricted mobile phone brand, the market can match most of the Andrews intelligent machines use such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, millet, etc., this function facilitates a lot of customers only need to purchase remote control to achieve the above function.
      THIMFONE entertainment box phones, we are not the same! KTV entertainment everywhere!
      Not the same place that this THIMFONE entertainment KTV box phone has a unique system, other smart phones currently not available through this system used on the phone sing, cool dog, Teana K song software, powered by Bluetooth Exquisite microphone K song easily synchronize the phone with TV, projectors and other loud equipment! Family KTV makes people want to sing sing! Save a large part of the external K song time and expense. THIMFONE entertainment box phone, play want to play, happy!

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