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Equipped with a variety of remote control of home appliances a smart phone APP


It has a smart phone is the first remote control home appliances
With the smart home, Internet + hot, heavyweights in order to "smart" market place, can not wait to burst his head, and now the home appliance market is not far behind: a cell phone, an APP, can be transformed into your hands remote control of.
      I learned recently, equipped with a variety of remote control APP smart phone frequently appear in Dongguan, including Dongguan Suning Appliance fashion, Dongguan United States, including more than appliance stores have several products in the sale. Easy and convenient, the price is right smartphone remote control, start slowly into public view.
      Both phones, but also a remote control
      Now, the phone call had not just a tool, and the public rely on the phone given its more additional features, such as the use of mobile phones in the smart home appliances remote control: using mobile phones to control appliances, than the original remote control It adds more features.
      First on the phone to have a remote control software (software required different phone models are not the same), and then enter the device brand or the model, select the remote control of appliances (such as air conditioning, television, fan, etc.), until the device responds correctly after Click "OK" button, if it is air-conditioned, as needed, adjust the wind mode, sliding around to adjust the temperature. Of course, the premise is the phone must have an infrared remote control.
The idea that want to experience the intelligent home life must find a control center, the smart phone is undoubtedly become the first choice. Therefore, as long as the home buying any intelligent device, it can be controlled remotely by phone. Lamps do not need to get up close, you can also adjust the light and dark; TV, air conditioning goodbye to multiple remotes embarrassment, all the control function is integrated in the APP; and even the bath water can be remotely controlled mobile phone can be timed home a hot bath.
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      I visited the home appliance stores in Dongguan found on the market today endless variety of mobile phone remote control home appliances, smart humidifier, intelligent sweeping machines, smart TV, etc., according to fashion Appliance, a person in charge, the recent more popular Haier air conditioning Smart WiFi Things, using the latest version of the Easy-Link technology, a simple three steps to achieve air conditioning and phone bindings. The first remote control, voice remote control via mobile phone "Haier Things conditioned" APP ready to receive, which controls the air conditioning running, get rid of the remote control, free control. Then micro-channel binding: Binding public number "Haier Intelligent air conditioning", ready to receive, control air conditioning operation. WiFi realized through intelligent home air box, purifier, dehumidifier, collective interaction, the use of mobile intelligent control, real-time monitoring and adjusting the indoor air temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde and volatile harmful gases. He explained, from consumer groups, this year's intelligent home appliances popular, buyers are mostly young people, which can also be seen in smart appliances upside large future market share will be greatly improved.
In addition, the Panasonic air purifier using body sensors set to automatically sense the dust and pollution. The Swiss VIGILANT air purifier is controlled by a mobile phone APP, connected by a mobile terminal, you can realize all the operations of the product. Even away from home, you can always control home purifier, open it in advance, sweep home the haze and dust.
      Compared to the store, a richer product line of intelligent: intelligent remote control, intelligent security WiFi sockets, switches, etc., which the intelligent remote control selling, inexpensive, basic in less than a hundred dollars. Such as Suning Tesco  of Allone intelligent remote control, this Allone connected via WiFi with your phone, then remote control home appliances and mobile phone APP match after saving match data to control household appliances via a mobile phone and circular designs, This will maximize the projected infrared signal, enhanced signal strength. Another example is the United States on online selling of kiwi remote control handset is a smart phone-based universal remote control, through audio communications technology, the mobile phone signal repeater for the remote control of infrared signals, enabling mobile phone remote control home appliances function. These phones use similar remote control, search-related APP on your phone, download installed, insert the universal remote control to open the APP interface, find the selected device, you're done (basically 95% of household appliances are supported), you can start roses remote control televisions, set-top boxes, DVD and air conditioning, and very convenient.
      Consumer mixed
      "The biggest advantage is no longer to find that the air conditioning remote control." Miss Lee said excitedly, family people, and sometimes pulled off, do not know where to run the remote control, do not worry, but this Technology on the phone demanding, very Duo Anzhuo system can be used, very convenient. But Miss Lee also pointed out that, compared to the role of television remote control handset not that great, because there are distance requirements, it can not replace the TV remote control.
Hillsborough is the span of the people, there is a benefit mobile phone remote control: You can put the air conditioning on the way to work to open up, and then regulate the air temperature, the room temperature exactly suitable home, feeling Bel cool.
      There are some consumers have given another answer, said Li, who lives in East Side, it is actually not real smart, at best automation only, because they must depend on external things to the remote, and the phone on the electric kettle, microwave The operations are also restricted to "time" function, will not help you put the food in the pot, many places still need to manually, as the heat and timing, can appointment time, there is no difference between mobile phones and no phone. Furthermore, as more and more intelligent home, each product had to require a dedicated APP to operate, will inevitably lead to the phone card machine, to use not worry, do not imagine so easy.
      Insiders pointed out that now the smart appliances, smart air conditioning whether microblogging, micro letters, phone APP remote control or voice control smart TV, is based on interaction intelligent hardware products under the thinking that the future of home appliances to achieve real intelligent, does not require any manual control, are not fully intelligent, mobile APP is only transitional product intelligent home control terminal. Currently, smart appliances chain environment, how to introduce a large number of IT, Internet and other software applications and content and technical personnel and business participation is the key upstream.

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