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Even the best design but also fatigued, Apple ready to get rid of the remote control design


      Apple TV remote control is a typical manifestation of Apple industrial design products, from aluminum alloy shell, curved circular grip feel each key ratio, amplitude, and function allocation recess. In addition to the remote control outside of Apple TV, the remote control can also be remote Mac computer, control the computer's volume and media playback. However even the best industrial design through the baptism of time will produce fatigue, the most is to "classic." According to the New York Times reported that the upcoming release of a new generation of Apple will get rid of since 2007 to follow a remote control.
      While the new remote control is not real photos, but reportedly will be equipped with this remote control to scroll touch screen instead of the previous five-way navigation key, while retaining the two physical buttons. If the news is true, then the first would mean Apple TV's UI will be a great change, because more suitable for touch scroll up and down movement, but not necessarily suitable for left and right movement of the cursor. Of course, this does not rule out the use of touch-screen remote control scrolling of Apple Watch Apple TV on the iPhone and app.
      With the addition of the touch function, said that the remote control will be a lot larger than before, the equivalent of Amazon's Echo (radio speaker) remote control size. Further, since the previous message on rumors Apple will add a similar feature Siri voice on this generation Apple TV to more easily control, it is likely also a remote control receiver. Many smart TV manufacturers have used this scheme, and the early adopters of this program may be considered a Nintendo Wii.
      Apple's internal design model as the previous version of the remote control that people can not find shortcomings, but with the changing function of progress and competitors, redesigned remote control is almost sure. But before the German designer concept map on the remote control is not how satisfactory appearance. Although a piece of high-tech touch-screen looks pretty, but there is no beauty, if you want to balance these two aspects may also need to be done on the Ive.

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