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Everlight LED slim remote control transmitter element to achieve high radiation intensity


Everlight (EverLight) launched a new ortho-type SMD 940nm infrared light emitting diode IR92-01C / L491 / 2R, thereby expanding invisible infrared LED component product line. The new LED element package using a special coating, wide light angle, doubling the size of the light intensity, especially for 3C devices, mobile phones and tablet PCs and other small electronic products, remote control transmitter element.
      IR92-01C series of dimensions of 2mm x 1.4mm, the thickness of only 0.7mm, very desirable end applications, light, thin, miniaturization needs, at 70mA condition, the radiation intensity of up to 25mW / sr, at 20mA condition, voltage only 1.3 volts, doubling the strength of both the large light angle of 45 ° design, combined with the above-mentioned number of excellent properties such IR92-01C series is ideal for all kinds of transmission devices transmit signals, including remote control, night vision camera or tablet, wisdom phones and other small electronics applications.
       Everlight's IR92-01C series utilizes a special coating package for the lead-free process and RoHS environmental specifications.

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