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Family social artifact, designed specifically for our parents orange bean TV box


      Follow the network set-top boxes has been two years time, a variety of set-top box also used a lot, millet box, Lynx Box and various small brands box. So many features are stereotyped box, user interface, operating logic is different, where millet and more delicate Box interface, user interaction is relatively good, but under the guidance of the current market, the vast majority of the audience of the TV box Location dwell on electronic products for use in young.
      Recently saw a television box in Jingdong all chips, designed specifically for our parents, special care elderly and children live separately, so that they easily enjoy Internet TV live, but also on the TV at any time to see the children coming TV / Movies / shows / games, to understand children's life, socializing and fun for families to share. Hearing this product idea was it to attract, after all, used so many mainstream set-top boxes, does not yet have a TV box to locate the elderly audience, naturally, does not take into account the needs of the elderly to use. Through a variety of friends, finally we have an engineering machines, to experience one.
      Let us talk about how it looks right, it is simple and clean, white, learned from a friend that some of the design concepts of this box appearance, said to the white light contains all the colors of the spectrum, generally considered to be "colorless ", which is the highest brightness, hue zero, so strictly speaking, white contains all the colors of qualities, pure broken, low-key, inclusive, can give parents a sense of security, a sense of belonging! in industrial design, in addition to Attractive, designers also create products easy to use, good display, and distribute Zen and refined temperament, especially transparent Crochet added detail design, it blends and space at home, it is low-key and elegant, completely in line with the principle of respect for parents aesthetic habits, adding more unique aesthetic concepts for their exclusive design!
      After the boot and found the system interface is very simple and clear, the home page the first thing you can see a large family to share the box, this is the most important box orange bean family circle function, children and parents through the micro-channel home box Binding, feel free photos, video, voice until the TV remote parents, parents will be able to turn on the TV every day to see hear, understand and share our lives, personally feel that this really is a great feature to ease parents' thoughts !
      Additionally orange beans also designed for our parents more and more useful remote assistance features that allow parents 0 Operation watching TV / playing casual games / download life applications, as long as the children through the micro channel, you can remotely push parents like to see film and television, health, health programs, television broadcast application until the TV, they can easily be found on the home television programs, games and other applications can be assigned a shortcut on the screen into position, after his parents no longer have to bother not found drama, turned not applied, very good!
      From the operating experience, the functional division is very clear and easy to understand, the steps minimalist, remote control design and other details are from elderly people's habits departure design, as well as the recommended program customized applications for their parents, from the Franco-Prussian columns, emotion regulation, comic sketches, to health, tai chi, square dance, health medicine, even playing cards to play mahjong game, almost covering our parents and then the whole scene from the film and television entertainment service needs to live it, this is the advantage of exclusive design reflected.
      Let me say I used to feel, in fact, before I bought a box of millet, I do not know why, there is a "Bang Bang Fish" game has been unable to open, tried a lot of the box can not be opened, but the beans with the orange box After actually can, play with a lot of big games without a hitch, 1G memory, 8Gnand, quad-core configuration is really very good, as the years of box fans, but also for the trial of this case it is the point of a praise it!

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