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Flying squirrel mouse remote control aircraft Principle


With the popularity of smart TVs on the market, the emergence on the market of intelligent remote control, and also the emergence of intelligent aircraft mouse remote control, intelligent voice remote control, not only can replace the handset, you can also replace the mouse. Wherein the intelligent remote control aircraft mouse on the use of air movement flying squirrels technology and gesture recognition technology.

Our production of AN1201 example, flying squirrel intelligent remote control on the use of this technology, the hardware is equipped with a 3D direction axis gyro and a gravity sensor, this remote control with six axes (gyroscope + gravity sensor), the hardware basis, through 2.4GHz radio frequency technology to communicate with the device, so as to achieve the purpose of the remote control device. This product has been able to completely replace the mouse, without having to pour over the operation, the fullest remote enthusiasm.

Products using these technologies, responsive cursor can do without any delay, and some products also joined the movement compensation function, thereby preventing shake, move the cursor more stable.
In some products, through a firmware upgrade, but they can do gesture recognition and correction function, or even to identify the wrist up and down movement, left and right flip, push the button to play, pause, volume, and switch the screen and other operations.

2.4GHz RF communication technology eliminates cursor delay and distance limitations, over distances up to 10m, and will not be disturbed.

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