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Hong Kong Television Starts Distributing Through Over-The-Top


Starting from 19th Nov., Hong Kong Television’s drama series, as well as variety and infotainment programs are now distributed through Over-The-Top and available for everyone in Hong Kong. Internet-connected devices such as smart TVs, Android TV boxes, and smartphones which are running on Android, iOS and Window can access to Hong Kong Television’s video-on-demand and live cast programs.

Hong Kong Television’s programs are also available through video portal or TV stations to overseas audience such as Mainland, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

The DVB standard of Hong Kong television is DTMB. DTMB, short for Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast, is the TV standard for mobile and fixed terminals used in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Now together with Asia Television Limited HKTV is testing the four new technologies: 3D TV transmission, PN420 transmission, DTMB-A, and E-DTMB. To watch both live broadcast programs and Over-The-Top programs, viewers must use hybrid set-top boxes and OTT  remote control which compliant with DTMB 

Hong Kong Television’s will distributed through Over-The-Top, so viewers just need an Android TV boxes with Adroid TV remote control and OTT BOX REMOTE CONTROL

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