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How should I do when the remote control does not work


Buy a new TV remote control installed a TV, but the remote control does not work, how should we do?
I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, the next solution is to find artificial customer service ...
In fact, this is just a new TV remote control did not code, I do not know how to code? Go look at the instructions! Have the remote control on the instructions of the code step!

Different brands / models of television on the code key may be some differences, it can not be found in the manual, then, we can go online to look it up, or contact the customer service.

Loss or malfunction in the remote control again, in fact, we use the TV's own buttons can also operate on the code, oh, the next to introduce TV how to code:
1, Turn on the TV remote control is on the TV.
2, press "Settings" button until the indicator lights. (With separate power supply and settings Press)
3. Press the "Volume +" key and release, pay attention to whether a display symbol television volume; if not, repeat this step.
4, Until the volume symbol is displayed when, immediately click the "Settings" button, the light goes off.
5, Test the remote control is working properly, if not, repeat steps 2-4.

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