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How to Choose Smart TV Remote Control?


Buying a TV box, we contact most is remote control. How is feel of remote control in hands? Is it sensitive to change channels? Is Button operation simple? These problems are which we should consider when we buy network TV boxes, and often be ignored by us, deceived by the business advertising! So, what is the best remote control experience, the easiest to operate, after getting started can achieve full coverage of 360 degrees? Now market mainstream network TV boxes are used is 11 key (Part 12 key, joined the "buy" or voice button on the remote control). As a component of the box, usually, we are watching TV programs with our family, remote control is the most using frequently. So, what kind of remote control are available on the market?

   In general, the remote control in the market are classified into the following three categories according to the signal :

Infrared remote controller

  By means of infrared light to control TV. TV can be remotely controlled by a remote controller, by which the infrared is turned into a digital signal that can be identified. However, due to the limitation of infrared itself, infrared remote control can not be carried out through the obstacles to remote control or a large angle of the equipment for remote control, anti interference ability is not good.

2.4GHz wireless remote control

  Wireless remote control is now popularized in the TV remote control gradually. 2.4G remote control signal transmission mode successfully solved the disadvantages of infrared remote control, and can be carried out in various angles of the television remote control. No dead angle in 360 degrees and the full range of three-dimensional coverage are the advantage of the 2.4G remote control, and also is the best use of the current remote control.

Bluetooth remote control

The benefits of Bluetooth remote control is that through pairing of television, it can separate the signal transmission channel completely to avoid interference between different wireless devices signal. But it is just as a complement to the 2.4GHz technology.

  For now, Bluetooth remote controller also has some problems, such as it need manual remote control device and equipment paired when first use. The delay of equipment operation and higher cost are the problems. At present, the smart TVs which support paired with Bluetooth can match with Bluetooth remote control.

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