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Tips: How to set it right cable box?


    Digital set-top box (Cable Set Top Box) basic function is to receive digital television broadcasts, the tuner module receives RF signals and down-converted to an intermediate frequency signal and then converted into a digital signal, and then into the QAM demodulation module demodulates the output MPEG serial or parallel data transmission stream.
    If you are a consumer set-top boxes have not been exposed, then the first contact with a TV set-top box that you must know what to do, in the end how do I set to work to watch the Beijing Gehua TV show? In fact, the method is very simple.
    TV sets and set-top box connected to:
    The easiest line with yellow and red, yellow video, the other two tube audio, the color on the line, do not plug wrong. (RCA) If there s ports, video and audio on a resolve (round head). There are red, blue and green components on the three line access video, red and white two wire connection Audio (RCA). HD have hdmi, a line of video and audio solve (flat head). Old TV received no av interfaces, av turn to buy a video and audio equipment, a 10 yuan.
    Coaxial cable set-top box and access, while addressing some coaxial-demand access, there is no network cable.
Gehua set top box remote control learning function
   The remote also has learning capabilities, some of the function of the television remote control and a set-top box remote control combined, specific settings like this:
Step one: Press [] key for about three seconds to learn, to see the lights flash 2 times after the release, this time into the "learning mode."
    Step Two: In the study area, press any key, the light shines 1, indicating that the key is waiting for the signal to be learned.
     The third step: the TV remote control is learning IR remote control set-top box output is aligned infrared input from 3-6 centimeters, select whether you want to be learning the function and press the button for about three seconds after release On. Then set-top box remote indicator flashes twice showing success in learning, flashes 4 times express learning fails, you will need to re-set.
    Step four: After learning function is set up, press [learning] key, until the light blinks twice and can exit the "learning mode."
    Each function key learning area can only learn a TV remote control function.

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