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How to use LeTV super remote control


Here to share with you a super remote control functions and use of experience.

First, the touchpad: gesture largest regional operations on the remote control

super remote control left corner letv is the power key that would not have introduced, switch machine used. Further down is a touch panel, he is very much a function, you need to slowly develop. The most basic function, is by touching a finger to move the cursor, select the application, such as to open an application, tap it, you can open. Using the touchpad, just use the mouse to manipulate the same: the touch move the equivalent of moving the mouse, click the touchpad is equivalent to a conventional mouse left click. That is equivalent to a conventional mouse, right where it is on the left at the bottom of the answer touchpad, a pattern is a three button bars -? The Menu key. If it is to click during video playback, it will pop up a bunch of setup options, if it is in the application of the desktop, click the menu button to pop up the "stop", "Clear Data", "delete applications" and other setup functions, this button, very similar to the traditional function of the right mouse button. The touchpad features, far more than that. Especially in the process of watching a video, the touch mode is very interesting, if you want to fast forward, holding a super remote control, with the thumb to the right to fast forward a plan that is a little bit to the left of a program that is rolled back a little bit, If you want to continuously fast-forward supposed. A little ashamed to say it, I first look at what is a continuous program, if you want to fast-forward 20-minute show, Canoeing half was later discovered, in fact, about as long as paddling, hold down the touch pad is continuously fast-forward, screen A progress bar will quickly move on.
TouchPad features summary:
1, the left (right) paddling about - Movie Fast forward (rewind) a little
2, the left (right) light after the draw and hold the touchpad - the movie continuously fast-forward (rewind)
3, the carousel desktop (Carousel Channel): finger down paddling about - pop carousel program information; click on the TouchPad: channel display is located
4, in letv network TV version of the video: finger down paddling about - pop-up list episodes; through touch can choose another series, click on the touchpad switch
5, in letv network TV version of the video: finger up paddling about - pop channel information through a touch to select "Home", "Movie", "TV" and other different channels, click the touchpad switch
Comments: The entire remote control, gesture control one of the largest area

Second, the volume and channel keys: bump is the highlight

These four keys located beneath the touchpad four feet, convenience and touchpad combination. Nothing can function described above marked "VOL" and "CH" it, if you do not understand, I could not introduced. The remote control is a little more intimate on these four keys have a raised little dot, very suitable for blind control. Especially at night when the lights to see the piece, very practical.
Comments: "bump" is the highlight

Third, set the key: Quick Setup TV function switches the 3D mode is the most convenient buttons

Setting keys are located below the touchpad, which is a middle of the horizontal line marked a gear. Divided region under a single touchpad button areas. The key is covert, because the time is not much use, but the key for watching 3D, but it is essential.
There are a lot of TV version of 3D large. 3D sources found in the TV version which is no problem, the standard two 3D glasses please also easy to open, but if the state will adjust the 3D TV, you need to explore next. Open the 3D movie is good, throw out 2D state television, stupid way to do it, it is to return to the application interface, and then click on the "Settings" on the desktop and then enter the "3D", according to sources of the situation, select "about the split-screen" or "the upper and lower split-screen" and then back to the TV version. The easiest way is to set up open source 3D sheet directly press the Set button on the remote control super, there will be a 3D setting entrance.
Also, set the key and "image", "Network", "Source", "sound", a total of eight entries, all settings for Super TV through this key can be quickly exhaled.
Review: location is a bit hidden, very important, the existence of this key, so that's no longer the TV set to the application by the desktop to find the "Settings" application entry, as long as in the boot state, whether you are watching films or in Play application, this button is valid, set the menu at any time to exhale.

Four, home button: Fast and source switching back to the desktop

Letv unclear how official call this key that labeling is a small house, which functions as a small house or home key button on the phone on the PC browser as quickly back to the desktop, tentatively called it "home key" it Of course, this key addition to the direct return home, there is a function, it has been in the state of the desktop, press it again, you switch to a different source, you can use the desktop, the desktop carousel, traditional TV signal switches between desktops.
Comments: As the phone's home button, nothing can really Reviewed

Fifth, the voice key: voice input function calling

This key is marked "LETV" is a super remote control button on the lower most located just below the home button and the home button is located on the same keypad, the trick of the design is that, although these two keys there is no gap between, but the home button is convex, the voice key is depressed, it is estimated is also convenient for the blind by design.
The key feature is very simple to call up voice capabilities. Press and hold the voice belongs to interact with the TV. Talking about this key, by the way introduced remote voice receiving port location, which go smartphone voice receiving port located beneath the phone different, but at the top of the remote control, the use of that, press and hold the voice key, the remote control at the top close to the mouth can be. In fact, after testing, if the indoor environment is relatively quiet, it not near the mouth of the acceptance of the effect is very ok.
Comment button itself is worth nothing, but the voice Super TV is still very praise, here are a few nice features way: voice search song: voice input, "I want to hear Eason Chan's song," immediately pops up on the screen 10 Eason The song, and the order of play directly into the state, to draw attention here to use the direct retrieval of songs online listening function, pay attention to the speech input prefixed with "I want to hear ......" or "I want to hear ......" or "to a" prefix verbs such estimates are convenient voice assistant recognition, if not recognizable verb prefix may be affected. Other features voice asking weather, voice, hair microblogging, voice search sites, voice control volume, etc., not go into here, interested to explore their own right.
Comments: personally like voice search Google directly listen to this feature, do not go to the complex to open a Web page or a music application. My wife is very fond of adults towards the remote control to call the "Open Day cat", my 3-year-old son also less likely to use this super remote control, but the voice seems to feel very magical, facing another ordinary flat home TV, no remote voice began to shout, "I want to see Pleasant and Wolf."

Sixth, the menu key and back key: Joint Press on signal

Both left key is the menu key and back key, located on the left and right sides of the home key, menu key simply, like the right mouse function on the PC, with the return key return key function is the same as Duo Anzhuo phone. Maybe nothing can go into the key, but the two keys have a special function, while long press, is the television remote control and a super match, the necessary steps to set up a new machine, the daily need of.
Comments: maybe the key would not review it.

Seven empty rat: solve the big screen control problem

Null mice no buttons, to the transfer of this function, as long as continuous shaking a few remote control can be. After the shaking, the cursor will be displayed on the screen, the air moving through the remote location of the cursor on the screen also follow the move. This feature is particularly useful, especially for those who have not left the television adaptation of the application, with the air mouse function, just as easily as with a mouse on a PC. After all, done specifically for the big screen adaptation of the application with respect to the mobile phone applications, or much less, and empty mouse function, so that almost all mobile application is installed, can be convenient operation on the big screen. Of course, air mouse or playing racing games induction essential artifact.

Overall: super remote control, remove the key to open a total of nine buttons and a touchpad, but its function is clearly more complex than the free configuration of 9 keys on the remote control. Some fancy features, you need to slowly groping, or read the instructions below. Intelligent remote control with conventional dozens of keys on the remote control is relatively complete rejection of the other party a few blocks. Perhaps for starters, when there will be a super remote control are not used just to get started, but after adaptation, you will gradually have the world's best in the "palm" grip feeling. Personal especially like air mouse, voice and touchpad, expect more and more of the appearance of a good application, so that the three significantly different from the conventional remote functions play a greater role.

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