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How to use somatosensory air mouse remote control


How to use somatosensory air mouse remote control

Fly Air Mouse is a wireless air mouse and keyboard can be fully realized the traditional mouse and keyboard functions. As a new concept of electronic products, is our common mouse and keyboard cleverly together, but use a friend flying in the air as the initial contact for the mouse, is a very difficult thing, but revere technology production air flying squirrel, are is the result of human design, totally let you quickly familiar with the operation. Complete liberation from your computer desk, and sat on the sofa can easily control equipment.

It features air use, you can be completely liberated from the computer next to it, just by waving the mouse in the air (no need to align the receiver), respond quickly converted into cursor movement on the screen, the user will exactly precise operation . Like friends said, since the air flying squirrels have, playing computer, never so hard, anywhere, can lay play, tummy to play, like how to play how to love to play.
The following is a Division I teach you a simple method used. The following figure moving like a muddy like flying squirrels can be. Handheld operating feel comfortable, convenient and completely avoid the traditional desktop mouse needs to be stationary for reference operating drawbacks, so you are not tired of playing computer lying, casual, full "palm" control of your PC-TV entertainment!
Like holding a remote control air flying squirrel grip, the thumb button double click Enable, and then release, you can move the flying squirrel to move the cursor, and double-click the key to position the cursor. Get rid of the mouse as a conventional planar sliding type,
Horizontal use inches for convenience, you can simply double-click the mouse button is enabled, and then enter the text input. Air flying squirrel ergonomic design, the input mode of the lateral hand flying squirrels brought a new parade pressed want superior, relaxed chat typing, and the keyboard can say goodbye. Is a very cool product.

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