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How to use universal remote control


How to use universal remote control

Universal remote control that will be encoded in various formats single remote control of hundreds of thousand of the same or different types of heterogeneous collection of a transmitter circuit. Each encoding formats are given a code, when used, according to the code corresponding coding tune out, play a role through the various function keys. The tone encoding process, called settings. Now with universal TV remote control to set an example to introduce two common methods and two kinds of Kunda original setting method.

A fast digital input
This method is commonly known as the artificial set-up code. According to the brand model code table on the remote control manual, to identify with the brand, model corresponding three or four digit code, press and hold the set key, then press the power button, and then release the two keys at the same time, followed by three input digit or four-digit code. This method is simple and quick, the code is very suitable for a small number of brands. But there are dozens of brands of the same group, while nearly one set of codes to be a group of a group of users to test which groups were applicable, time-consuming and laborious. Then use the following methods.
Second, automatic digital search
This method is also known as automatic search. The television broadcast programs in the state, hold down the set key, then press the power button, and then release the two keys at the same time, the remote control at the TV, repeatedly press CH + or CH- key (also some manufacturers designated by the volume Volume plus or minus key), when the channel change (press the volume key symbol appears when the volume), then click the Settings button. The principle is to extract a representative channel command (or the volume of instruction) encoding multiple formats sent to the TV as an infrared signal, each click, change the encoding format, as long as the channel (or volume) change, you can that this format encoding applies this TV, and then press the Set button to confirm this format. Of course, sometimes the channel key so that the other key does not help the situation, it is because some of the same encoding format (the same user code) of the TV, the same channel key commands, while other parts of the key commands (different opcodes), This shows that the code does not apply to this TV set, must repeat the above process until all keys are functioning so far. This setting method is relatively simple and straightforward, but there are hundreds of remote control a number of dry seed code, use this method to set on the more tired. Set up for the shortcomings of two or more methods exist, Kunda companies use proprietary coding technology, a better solution to the above problems.
Third, a key to quickly search
This method is referred to as a key setting. Users simply point the remote at the TV (the TV program to be broadcast in the state), hold down the set button and hold for three seconds after entering the automatic search state, when the TV channel change button you can quickly release. The principle is the same method the second set, the highlight of this method is to use a hybrid coding patented technology, the remote control in all formats whichever channel coding instructions hybrid coding, followed by the series and hair, and leave some space for each format time to be used to compensate for the eye and the hand with the people of the time difference. This method is simple and effort, speed is also fast, but there are more than a thousand species of the kinds of encoding formats, will feel this setup method is a little slower. To this end, the company has designed a fourth method.
Fourth, lightning Search
The premise must be using a hybrid coding patents. This method has a story naming meaning, one is as fast as lightning; another is that there is a return like lightning. This setting is: the TV broadcast programs in the state, the remote at the TV, press and hold the set key, when the first channel change, quickly release the button a second time when the channel change, quickly press any key. The basic principle is set with the third method. The difference is the elimination of the gap between each format encoding, thereby speeding up the entire search emission rate. But the attendant problem is that the reaction rate of the human eye and the hand can not keep up. When they find a channel change and release the button, has a certain time lag. Because a second almost ten encoding format issue, so release the button to confirm the coding is not the current change channels. But behind the coding, so designed a backhaul transmit encoded, i.e., from the last set of the code locks the beginning, back again serially transmitting, when inter-coded for each format leaving a gap, so that the user left room reaction. So when the second channel change, press any key to confirm.
This slow down after the way hair code search channels, ideal for larger remote control code library.
Warning: This article describes a key to quickly search, lightning search methods are supported by the company's patented hybrid coding technology and design. Any unit or individual shall this two methods for the production of goods.
The remote controller is mainly formed by a remote control signal microprocessor chip, a crystal oscillator, amplifying transistor, an infrared light emitting diode and a keyboard matrix composition. It works as follows microprocessor chip IC1 internal oscillator composed by 2,3 feet with an external crystal oscillator X a high-frequency oscillator to generate high-frequency oscillation signal (480kHz). This signal is generated sinusoidal signal and timing pulse signal is fed back 40KHz timing signal generator. Sinusoidal signal into the coded modulation is used as a carrier signal; timing pulse signal sent to sweep signal generator system, the key input encoder and encoder as the time standard instruction signal for these circuits.
IC1 internal scan signal generator generates a pulse signal Fifth scanning at different times, from 5 to 9-pin output to the keyboard matrix circuit. When you press a key, corresponding to the function keys control signals are composed of 10 to 14 feet into the key encoder input, digital output signal corresponding function. And then by the encoder means outputs a command code signal, through the modulator modulated on a carrier signal, the function information is formed containing a high-frequency pulse train, the output from pin 17 through the amplification transistor BG promote infrared diode D emits pulse modulated signal.

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