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IDT's wireless charging chip for leading Cube remote control design


      IDT Corporation (IDT) today announced that its wireless charging chip 4MOD Technology's innovative new "Cube" in the remote control to achieve a wireless charging. The French company chose IDT's magnetic induction transmitter and receiver solution, and developed a wireless charging system meets the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.1 Qi standard.
      4MOD Technology's Cube is a revolutionary remote control products, users can with a few simple gestures to control all functions including TV, video, music and radio entertainment center, this sleek black box that can be placed into the base on charged wirelessly.
       Cube uses the IDT P9038 WPC1.1 5V single-chip wireless charging transmitter in the base, in the remote controller is using the IDT P9025B single-chip ultra-small wireless charging receiver.
       4MOD Technology founder and CEO Laurent Stephan commented: "Wireless Charging Cube is an important part of the user experience, we want to ensure that it is properly designed .IDT company successfully developed a wide range of applications for wireless charging products, so we select the supplier When very easy decision. "
      IDT Corporation vice president and general manager of analog and power supply unit Arman Naghavi said: "With wireless charging technology from its infancy to become a wide range of electronic devices a standard feature, the global wireless charging market is expected in 2020 will reach $ 13.78 billion. IDT's award-winning wireless charging semiconductor chip has been designed with a wide range of areas, from smart phones to wearable electronic equipment and furniture. And now, and the birth of a very remote future prospects. We will continue to work with Innovative companies work together to make this new functionality into many new applications. "

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