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Infrared emission detection tubes and infrared receiver head


OK infrared emission control method uses infrared emission. Infrared ordinary round tube shape and a light emitting diode similar. First contact infrared tube who is difficult to distinguish between the infrared emission control and infrared receiver tube.
1. Identify three tables measuring 500 or other models, there are three pointer table Rxlk power modules, infrared emission electrode resistance measured between the tubes to determine infrared tube.
Criteria A: The exchange resulted in infrared measurement of the tube is not exposed to the light conditions, positive resistance infrared transmitter, reverse resistance, and a black pen then the positive (long needle), small resistance (1k- 20K) is a transmission tube. To receive both positive and negative resistance is great infrared tube.
Standard B: resistance to black pen then negative (short sales) when the big launch tubes, resistors and small tables 3-pointer of the light intensity of the time change, the reception pointer swing.
(1) black pen then positive, then negative in red resistivity measurements.
(2) refers to the resistance a large table with three basic pointer does not move.
2. discriminating power measurement method
Belt and a light-emitting diode - only in the tube and measuring the series resistance, as shown. FIG resistance from the current-limiting resistor take 220--510 European role in Europe. LED light-emitting diode display for the working status of the measured infrared emission. With Remote Control (TV remote control, etc.) on the tube press any key on the remote control, LED lights, tube is an infrared receiver. This is not the bright infrared emission.

Infrared emission control operating voltage and current test can determine how well they work is very easy. Measured across the tube voltage, static (that is, when no key is pressed), typically zero, but in a dynamic (ie, when you press the button) to jump to a smaller voltage value due to encode different remote control system architecture and power supply voltage, working methods driver circuit, the voltage value is usually 0.07~0.4V, and pen should be trembling slightly. When using a digital multimeter measurements, the measured value is generally higher than the measured value of the analog multimeter usually 0.1~0.8V. When shaking hands if there is static and dynamic smooth no jitter, static and dynamic shivering in static and dynamic lower down no shaking, static and dynamic voltage and the voltage was no significant difference, so you can determine abnormal infrared light-emitting diode work if the driver amplifier is normal, mainly infrared emission damage.
Infrared emission should be kept clean and in good condition, its front end emission especially when there was neither dirty part-spherical contaminants such as dirt, but not by friction damage, otherwise, from the reflected infrared light and scattering death issue, on IR have a direct impact on the propagation of light, the light may reduce the sensitivity of the remote control, reducing the distance control, weight may have failed, and even remote control failure.

In their work must not exceed the limits of the parameters of the process of infrared radiation, but it should be noted that in the choice of alternative modes and parameters of the original pipe, can not be easily replaced. In addition, any changes can not infrared light-emitting diode current limiting resistor. Because the infrared wavelengths very wide range, infrared emission control infrared receiver diode must match, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity of the remote control, and even lead to loss of control. Therefore, when the alternative, they should be sure to focus on the wavelength of the radiation parameters of the infrared light signals.
IR LED packaging materials lower hardness, its poor high temperature performance, to avoid damaging the connector pins of the day away from the root, soldering temperature is not too high, not too long welding time more, preferably metal forceps to help root pins cooling. Setting switch should be soldered pins are bent pin should be mandatory prior to welding, pipe is completed.
Infrared emission helpful gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide phosphide material, small, positive drive light. Low voltage, current, light uniformity, long life.
IR receiver
A small design, the inner shield modules package, you can do infrared decoding experiment, infrared remote control. Complete with remote control and an infrared remote control decoder control experiments. Is widely used as a receiving element in the infrared remote control systems, audio-visual equipment (such as VCD, DVD, DVB, TV, etc.) 2, home appliances (such as air conditioners, fans, lamps, etc.) 3, infrared remote control (such as toys, etc.)

Metal Packaging infrared emission control, applicable to all types of automation equipment, sensors, photoelectric conversion signal source all types of photodetectors. In pulsed light foundation stable light-driven approach on the slow-changing light. Used to control, alarm and so on. Holding point; the use of reflective structure, the optical power is very strong, low drive voltage, high reliability and easy transistor circuits and shock ruggedness match metallic glass packaging equipment, wear good heat resistance ....

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