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Intelligent remote control is very important and very broad application products. It can be focused on all the electrical control many functions, it can be integrated with lighting control, security control functions. This issue we focus on - intelligent remote control.
In recent years, with economic development, China has become the world's largest consumer and producer of product manufacturing, according to historical records, in foreign countries has long been a prototype intelligent remote control design, and China's late start, but as manufacturers accelerate the pace of industry transformation and upgrading manufacturing enterprises, China has already mastered the core science and technology intelligent remote control, and remote control industry in China, Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd has been an industry-leading position, its quality and technology Jianyou products, access to many firms.
    Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the current mainstream smart TV, smart set-top boxes with interactive control, Touch applications and voice applications, intelligent voice remote control, flying squirrel intelligent remote control, gesture control remote control, intelligent gamepads remote control and so on. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements, developed a rigorous scientific evaluation system, standardized corporate governance, achieve high efficiency from management. The company's production equipment range, superior performance, can fully guarantee the production schedule, effective cost control and quality assurance. Currently the company's products and services under the premise of quality assurance costs and prices slightly lower than the average market price, to ensure the company's competitiveness.
    Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009, we have many years of experience in development and manufacturing remote control, with the world's advanced level of the entire mature technology. Since its inception, the program has provided remote control design and manufacturing for a number of international companies. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies Best Buy, a world leader in a new generation of computer MINIX, Chinese display industry leading brands and Chinese top 100 electronic Skyworth, and other famous international brands.
    With the continuous development of the intelligent remote control industry Anrui Shenzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. always adhere to technological progress and deepening of both management philosophy; uphold the integrity and pragmatic, innovative and respectful corporate culture; adhere to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and innovation in quality, new and old customers to provide quality intelligent remote control and related products, and improve after-sales service. In the future, we are confident, Anrui create willing to join hands with domestic and foreign merchants, to create brilliant!

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