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Learning remote background and method of use


 1, learning remote control Background
Learning remote control of production and the improvement of people's living standards have a great relationship, with the rapid development of the economy, household penetration increases, the types of appliances are growing. The home appliances market innovation. Major appliances are: home TV, set-top boxes, air conditioning, DVD, digital projectors upgrading, due to various equipment comes with a remote control, and an infrared remote control devices follow different rules are not the same, manipulation These devices have to use a variety of remote control, giving users a lot of inconvenience. Produce universal learning remote control technology, especially learning remote production, a good solution to this problem. Combined with the digital TV switch environment, a learning remote control used in digital set-top boxes have become the first choice for many Internet companies, a good combination of the TV and set-top boxes that facilitate the user's operations.
2, learning remote control principle
Learning remote control principles are the following two types:
(A) fixed code learning remote control
Such learning remote control uses a similar "incomplete induction" method, the remote control signal database on the market use a lot of the collection, the collection of signal classification, and for each category are preformed a decoding program and launch the program. The learning process in this way are:
collecting a, learning signal
b, discrimination category signals, then recognize this signal belongs to that kind of decoding scheme
c, coded, stored in the EEPROM
Advantages: This learning remote control hardware requirements are relatively simple, the main controller (master IC) operating frequency not too high, because the signal transmission frequency, coding, etc. are known, as long as signal acquisition can be discriminated; in addition to the memory capacity is relatively low because it does not exist the problem of compression, according to the most primitive of the most simple coding for storage.

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