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Let iPhone into a universal remote control Coocaa fingertip remote control Reviews


   In life we often encounter such embarrassing Habitat: sweating home, but found that air conditioning could not find the remote control; your friends to a guest house, a time but could not find the TV remote control; the neighborhood kids come home to play, leaving do not know who does not care to remote control kit pocket away. Only when you encounter this situation, we can not but have realized that these usually disappear once looked unimportant stuff really is very annoying. For the home often can not find the remote control and small series that often can not be remote control holing people who have no way to solve this problem? Recent small series to find such a magical black-tech products - CooCaa fingertip remote control.
Coocaa fingertip remote control is an apparently small, but a huge role peripheral products, it may make you black Technology degree stunned, if it is simply to say that you can make your iPhone can instantly become a universal remote control, large air conditioning, television, the DVD, Footbath, all can all get, but do not think it is the common universal remote control, remote control function is absolutely magical fingers can subvert your view of the remote control, what how amazing cool open fingertip remote control, Xiao Bian take you to reveal the answer.
      CooCaa fingertip remote control hardware design looks very simple, the main product is a standard 3.5mm headphone look gold-plated connectors, but no lines. A closer look, it is an ordinary headphone plug biggest difference is that it's the contact site is divided into two halves, half of the metal package, just as we, as a common phone plug, and half of the plastic material is an insulator, such quirky design is for what? In addition to considering the clean interface to be protected, Coocaa also comes with a complete set of metal, and fingertip remote control units together becomes a chic pendant, mounted on a key inconspicuous, nor easy to lose, very convenient.
Originally, semi-metallic cleverly designed semi-insulator is to be cool when we open fingertip remote control into the headphone hole on the iPhone, the white indicator points through the top of the rotation to the left or right (facing the screen, the white Go to the left off point, the right to open) in order to control fingertip remote control and headphones hole contacts between the insulator and the metal switch so as to achieve common headset mode switching and remote control modes.
      This was originally designed for the time when we need to use fingertip remote control, nor will it pull down, and it can be used as a dust-proof plug, so readily lost thus avoiding the situation which led to the loss and frequent pull plug causes wear situation is serious, this is indeed from the concept design is very clever and practical, must be severely like this one.
         In use, the cool open fingertip remote control is very simple. After insert it into the iPhone headphone jack, then went to the Apple Store search for "fingertip remote control" complementary APP download. After downloading the open, we can see this APP is designed is very simple and intuitive. Click on the upper left corner of the directory, select the appliance category of the current need to operate, according to official reports, the cool open stage fingertip remote control market with infrared remote control signal 95 percent of the appliances, the category is covered by set-top box, DVD, projection instrument, air conditioning, flat screen TV, Fan, amplifier, Footbath, and many other categories, more than 500 brands, 1000 number of the remote control.
           Some people may ask to see this, each brand there are so many models of its products, how do I know my family antique television what model. This problem CooCaa development engineers have long thought, as the user's needs when we use only selected brand, as the model, then, fingertip remote server will automatically open the clouds looking for cool matching data. If for your home appliances is too durable, fingertip remote control is also doing great lengths to find matching resources in the database, then congratulations! You just need to case the comments field on the APP submitted to the fingertips remote R & D team, your problem is not solved immediately, and also get a mystery gift sent oh cool open.
           In the mode of operation, the cool open fingertip remote control Optional fully simulate the ordinary remote control interface, we believe everyone will not feel strange. Very intimate, cool open fingertip remote control for each category of electrical appliances produced a separate user interface, personalized user interface are retaining most of the features at the same time allowing the operator to simplify, in the remote control Some features, cool open fingertip remote control are able to achieve, which for small series that often people could not tell the remote control is really the gospel-like design.
       Say the most amazing, I am afraid more than that. Remote control with APP although convenient, but always still not flashy enough. If the remote control with voice that it? Coocaa fingertip remote control functions unique language presumably a very novel. Open Voice column, you can say what you want to do things. Such as air conditioning is too cold, you can say it: The air temperature increase twice; if the TV is too loud, you can say it: the TV sound adjust small. Coocaa fingertip remote control will immediately help you do it, it is very convenient.
            Some friends may notice a detail that we usually use the remote control when the transmitter is up, but the iPhone's headphone jack is well known from the beginning to become a 5 disposed below the screen, if the fingertip remote control inserted at the bottom, then, it is not it will affect the signal sent it? Indeed is the case, the cool open R & D Engineer (Engineer: Why do they call me) also consider this, then the remote control at your fingertips APP was set up "screen upside down" of such a function, as long as we open up this option, then when the user opens the APP fingertip remote control, the screen will be upside down, easy to operate.
Xiao Bian then tried several common home appliances, from TV to the no-name brand-name fans, from the amplifier to the years of the new cottage DVD player. Cool fingertip remote control to open the code were able to achieve rapid, perfectly compatible, cool open their own television Needless to say, test several models to the recently launched open 42K1T CooCaa A55 Ultimate from the earliest cool, we are able to do almost no delay operation, it does make small series was very surprised.
Review summary:
           Before getting cool open fingertip remote control, Xiao Bian also did not mind, that this is a body sculpting version of the universal remote control, universal remote control this thing many years ago had been a rare, 10 dollars a can anywhere See. But really used this cool open fingertip remote control, the small part I considered this product admiration body cast. From design to APP, cool open fingertip remote sought and followed the three words: simple, comprehensive, and practical. Unlike conventional so-called universal remote control, A remote fan only, B only remote control TV, C can only remote control air conditioning, cool open fingertip remote control in this regard almost all uses infrared technology for remote control appliances from international big to small three-line brand, it can equally be perfectly compatible.
         Coocaa fingertip remote control is small, but small series guarantee, but the people who use it, will feel the sincerity of the designer, from design to experience all manifestations of human flash.

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