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Manufacturers introduced a new remote control


Wireless remote control is the use of radio signals to various means for controlling the distance the remote control device. These signals are received by the receiving device from afar, you can drive a variety of other relevant instructions or mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete a variety of operations, such as closed circuit, move the handle, start the motor, and then take the required action after by these machines. Wireless remote control is used as a remote control and infrared remote control with complementary species arise. The following outlines the difference between a wireless remote control and IR remote control.

Infrared remote control and the wireless remote control is for the different carriers, the infrared remote controller is used to transmit an infrared control signal, which is characterized by a directional, can not have a barrier, the distance is generally not more than seven meters, from electromagnetic interference, TV remote control is infrared remote control; radio remote control is used radio waves to transmit control signals, which is characterized by non-directional, you can not "face to face" control, distance (up to tens of meters, even several kilometers) vulnerable to electromagnetic interference.

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