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Congratulations-MIMIX Official 002 FW Update for NEO X8 and NEO X8-H


Congratulations to our customer MINIX 28th November 2014  to announce the release of Official 002 FW Update for NEO X8 and NEO X8-H, which is now available to download from the MINIX Forum with our air mouse remote control http://www.remotefactory.net/product/an1201a-wireless-air-mouse-remote-control-with-rechargeable-battery.html

Official 002 FW Update contains vast improvements, fixes and patches that were previously unavailable in the initial firmware, delivering an even greater user experience on NEO X8 and NEO X8-H. 


MINIX is fully committed to providing long-term firmware support across all our devices (approx. 18-24 months), and both NEO X8 and NEO X8-H will continue to receive firmware updates for the foreseeable future, so does the smart remote control.So users can be rest assured that their devices will continue to receive the support from our dedicated firmware team that they deserve.

Click here to visit Official 002 FW Update Forum Thread http://www.minixforum.com/threads/official-002a-firmware.2413/

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