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OFN (Optical Finger Navigation)


Technical Principle

Optical Finger Sensor (OFN) optical mouse is actually a derivative of miniaturized applications; principle is to Sensor internal IR LED emits infrared light, refracted through the prism through IR Filter irradiated to the finger, and the image through the optical lens, spread CMOS Sensor imaging. Then use dedicated internal DSP (digital microprocessor) to analyze the image characteristic values at different points in time difference, to determine the direction and distance traveled to complete the positioning. OFN due to the higher positioning accuracy, the module light and thin, with the existing mouse diet similar characteristics, so a very large range of applications, the Smart Phone, MP4 / MP3, MID, remote control, notebook computers and other related products included. There are already several mobile phone manufacturers now have launched the configuration of the optical navigation key phone, including Nokia E72, Sharp SH9020C, Blackberry 8520, Samsung I908, Sony Ericsson X1 .. and so on. As living standards improve, the demand for digital household products gradually rise, this field is OFN potentially huge market.

OFN (Optical Finger Navigation)原理


• Low-power architecture
• Surface mount technology (SMT) equipment
self-regulating power saving mode to extend battery life
• High-speed motion detection up to 15ips
• Self-adjusting frame rate for optimum performance
• Motion detect pin output
Finger detect pin output
• Internal oscillator - no clock input
• Optional 250,500,750,1000 and 1250 cpi resolution
• Dual 2.8V / 1.8V or 2.8V single-supply options
Optional input / output voltage 2.8V or 1.8V nominal

• Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or a two-wire interface (TWI) Circuit board

• Integrated chip LED with 870nm wavelength

OFN (Optical Finger Navigation)构成

⊙ Application: Finger input devices, integrated input devices, battery-powered input devices, mobile phones, music players, portable media players, remote controls, keyboards, portable game consoles, digital cameras and camcorders, hand-held GPS or navigation equipment
Advantages: Finger jitter reduction, automatic resolution switching, TWI and SPI interfaces, intelligent power management, sophisticated technology

OFN key remote control

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