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Philips Smart TV remote control


Philips Smart TV remote control is a smart application , by using it, you can replace your normal remote control to watch TV for more wonderful experience .
Currently , Philips smart remote control can be mounted on android 2.1 or later phones , tablet PCs, support for multiple resolutions. By using the Philips Intelligent remote control, you can:
1. Navigate support DLNA home network devices , such as windows PC 7 is installed , and the PC will share audio , video, photos and other media content via the Philips intelligent remote control playback on your Philips TV. Multimedia content can also be put on your phone or tablet via the Internet easy to enjoy the features of the player on your Philips TV.
2. Replace your normal remote control. Implemented by your phone, tablet PC to control your TV. You can switch TV channels , control volume, quickly switch to the specified application fine .
3. Analog wireless mouse. By simulating a wireless mouse , Philips intelligent remote control allows you to use more intelligent applications, while from the fetters of traditional wired mouse , allowing you to watch TV more comfortable.
4. Analog wireless keyboard. Use the remote control to enter text tired ? No problem ! Now you can use the Philips Intelligent Remote analog keyboard functions , direct use of mobile phones , tablet PCs, began to enter text .
More other features waiting for you discover.
Philips Smart Remote Control has two main functions , the Internet is easy to enjoy and intelligent remote control .
Enjoy easy connectivity feature allows you to automatically locate all available on the home network to share products and all can play music , photos and video products . Simply connect them , you can share ! You can simultaneously share to multiple products , you can even use this application on multiple phones or tablet .
Smart Remote allows you to control your mobile phone or tablet Philips Smart TV , change channels , control volume, etc.
Internet easy to enjoy
By switching the main interface buttons to network easily share mode , it will automatically search for the next Internet easy sharing mode DLNA device space, select the device in the list of electronic devices that can be shared files, images , video resources between the two devices

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