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Phone transfiguration universal remote control home appliances


Common TV, set-top boxes, air conditioners and other household appliances are equipped with a remote control random, with the increase in home appliances, remote control also began varied, took the wrong remote control or can not find the remote control situation often occur.
      This time out portable cell phone, aligning appliances you want to open, click on the screen you can easily remote control. In fact, this is not a fairy tale, with the advent of the era of smart home, using a mobile phone to control home appliances as possible.
       Remote control home appliances What are the principles?
       Most commonly used remote control uses infrared technology, infrared, also known as infrared light, visible light not belong in one. According to the wavelength range of infrared light into the near-infrared, mid-infrared and far infrared, IR 4-pole type, infrared remote control is the use of near-infrared light transmitting remote control            commands, the wavelength between 0.76 microns to 1.5 microns.
       Solar spectrum
       With near-infrared light source as remote, because there is a light emitting device emitting infrared and infrared light-receiving device and the peak wavelength is usually 0.8 m to 0.94 microns, well within the near-infrared light, the spectral overlap between the two, it is possible to match well , can obtain a higher transmission efficiency and high reliability.
       Infrared remote control principle is very simple, that is by remote control in the infrared light-emitting diodes to replace invisible infrared signal sent out, and then the front of the appliance IR receiver receives the signal and then convert, then the signal can control appliances .
       Top of the remote infrared light emitting diode
       Infrared remote control since its inception in the 1980s, because of its low cost, the advantages of easy to use, has been adopted by most household appliances. However, the disadvantage of infrared remote control is obvious, point the remote control that is to be a straight line, and the transmission distance is short, there can be an obstacle between the remote control and electrical appliances.
       Bluetooth Remote Control
       Now some manufacturers have begun to abandon the infrared, use Bluetooth remote control to manipulate the output, such as millet TV, and some TV boxes are used to connect Bluetooth. At the same time there are a lot of smart TV support WiFi remote control, the use of WiFi Direct Connect technology allows at the same WiFi smartphone under the direct control of appliances.
However, the infrared remote control at present is still the mainstream, and universal application in the appliance industry, a short time can not be replaced. Therefore, many manufacturers have introduced a built-in IR transmitter mobile phones, with the relevant APP, the mobile phone can easily control various home appliances.
Phone can also control home appliances?
       In fact, the phone is equipped with an infrared interface really is nothing new, as early as the feature phone era a few years ago, when there are many mobile phone has been equipped with an infrared transmitter, because it was not popular Bluetooth technology, infrared interface mainly mobile phones Transfer data to a close, of course, Windows Mobile phone software to be installed on the remote controller. Later, after the popularity of the Bluetooth technology, there are few phones equipped with an infrared interface again.
       Infrared transmitter top of the phone
       This year, there are many new smart phones come equipped with an infrared interface. For example, the Samsung GALAXY S5, and millet phone 4 other products, these phones have infrared emitter, with the phone's built in remote control applications, can fit almost all major household appliances.
Which phones can be used as an infrared remote control?
       Other mobile phone how to do?
       However, if your phone does not have built-in infrared transmitter it does not matter. After all, the built-in infrared transmitter or a small number of phones, the most common smart phones, there is a solution that is universal Taobao.
       Mobile universal remote control
      There is something called "Mobile universal remote control" of mobile phone accessories, by inserting the headphone interface, infrared remote control, and such accessories are less than the basic price of 50 dollars, the accessory can support most of the Android phones and iPhone.

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