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Ray seemingly smart phone actually it is a universal remote control


      According to PCWorld it reported that, at first glance, you might put Ray "super remote" mistaken for an ordinary smart phone, but it is actually a universal remote control.
       Ray Super remote shell is made of aluminum material, on the side of a power, mute and volume buttons. Other operating through the 4.8 inches touch screen is complete. Ray want to get rid of many traditional control buttons on the remote control.
       Ray Super remote screen can display TV channel guide can scroll, built-in digital video controls. You can also, by type Filter search by name, view the contents of a specific part of the child class. It also contains a more traditional remote control interface for controlling Roku and Xbox and other streaming media devices.
      According to Digital Trends reported that, Ray super remote control can over time to understand the user's favorite program type, to which users can ask questions, such as playing time user's favorite program. If you like comedy or drama, the user can tell Ray super remote control, it will adjust the program guides the user to monitor the user's viewing habits, to the content scoring.
      Ray seemingly smart phone actually it is a universal remote control
      For cable or satellite TV service users, TV service providers may have provided a similar remote control applications that run on a smartphone or tablet. Comcast's Xfinity Remote is a remote control application, DirecTV and Dish Network also has its own remote control applications.
      The difference is that Ray super remote control capable of controlling all the user's home entertainment devices, including TV, Bluetooth speakers, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. Digital Trends says, Ray said its super remote support more than 1,200 brands and 200,000 devices section, but more importantly, it has a self-learning capability, the user can set it up so that it can control the type of equipment in the past.
      In addition to the infrared remote control outside, Ray super remote control has built-WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee connectivity. In addition, it also supports wireless charging.
      Digital Trends said that although Ray did not disclose the life super remote control, but it is configured rechargeable lithium-ion battery 2550 mA when. In contrast, iPhone 6 1810 mA when the battery configuration, so a single charge Ray Super remote enough to be used one day time. In addition, Ray super remote control is also equipped with a dual-core ARM chip, 1GB RAM, 8GB of storage capacity, screen resolution of 1120 X 480 pixels. In addition, it comes with USB charging cable and charging cradle.
      Dish Network has provided an API (application programming interface) for its Hopper digital TV recorder, allowing users to take advantage of super Ray remote view and control their program guide, digital TV recording capabilities.
PCWorld points out, we have not used the super-Ray remote control, it is not clear whether, as the touch-screen interface so easy to use, the company said. Ray remote control for $ 199 (about 1221 yuan), is currently accepting reservations, expected delivery time for this year's spring.
Ray super remote control is not re-try the remote control for the first time - earlier this month Neeo seems       promising, and can not be the last. As mobile devices become cheaper components, there will be more set touch screen, intelligent software and physical buttons in one more advanced than the entertainment device comes with a remote control on the remote control.

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