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Remote become smart watch "fruit explore" how to Fun infrared device


   Than simple appliance gives the greatest invention of the remote control, users lay motionless picks up the remote by pressing a few keys you can control appliances, so enjoy the convenience, the remote control at home more and more, TV air conditioning, DVD player, stereo, fan lamps and other types of remote control piecemeal can put a coffee table, before use of which may not have to worry about looking for the remote control which appliance while it is in which corner.
     "Exploring fruit" is committed to addressing this contradiction born. "Exploring fruit" intelligent remote control hardware and "Smart Remote Exploration fruit" App match, breaking the traditional remote control a machine of a power limit, a remote control to achieve control of all appliances in the infrared, the remote control is 2014 In formally launched by the end of December intelligent hardware "six remote control."
      Hunting cloud network learned, as the "six remote control," the name suggests, "to explore the fruit" intelligent remote control can choose any six items include air conditioning, TV set-top boxes, stereos, fans and projectors. By supporting the infrared remote hardware access Smart Android headphone port, and then need to be downloaded from the App infrared control codes to mobile devices, the "six remote control" can be completely out of the phone to work independently.
     "Exploring fruit" founder Liu Shusheng long study of a remote control device, as early as 1999 to apply for the remote control learning remote control patents. In 2013, he co-founder had worked for 15 years in the IC industry 熊剑成 established the "Exploring fruit" company from the introduction of the first peripheral products, namely smart phone remote start, while continuing to promote the "fruit explore intelligent remote control" App Cloud filled with intelligent remote control research and development of new products database.
      Xiong Jian introduced since last year, "exploring fruit" has launched "mobile intelligent remote peripheral" and "cloud remote control," two series of products, hardware sales of more than 500,000, with sales of 3 million. "Exploring fruit Intelligent Remote" App Cloud Database as the core "Exploring fruit" research and development team, now the database market has covered almost all of the electrical equipment infrared codes, and more into the market of home appliances updated in real time. It is reported that, "Exploration results" have been achieved with a number of domestic enterprises reached by way of providing API.
       Most smart phones currently on the market have been configured infrared remote control, users simply download an APP to use cloud remote control, but not for more built-in infrared transmitter low-end smart phones, as long as access to an infrared emission peripherals, You can also easily make intelligent remote control. "Exploring fruit" By studying the audio signal output of each mobile phone manufacturers, and through interaction with users, get feedback Network access, in order to solve the mobile phone compatibility.
       Terms of competing products, the majority of the market intelligent remote control software, more focus on home appliances and remote control handset operation, while others such as Alibaba received US $ 50 million investment in intelligent remote control developer Peel, mature technology, the establishment of a database of more perfect App But Peel positioned in the international high-end market, the impact on the Chinese market is not at the present stage. In this regard, we bear the sword that "explore fruit" focus on the smart remote vertical chain while gradually advancing the infrared entrance platform.
        Bear hunting sword Tell cloud network, "Exploring fruit" at this stage will be intelligent hardware platform based on App, compatible database updates and technical difficulty of the workload continued to increase at this stage a major problem, and the phone's audio transmission of sound more It requires a wide range of market testing and user feedback.
         It is reported that, "Exploring fruit" will be officially launched next round of angel financing.

         Original from hunting cloud network

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