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Remote control docking


1. Hold down the set-top box remote control (that is, to learn remote control) at the top of the "Settings" button for about two seconds, and so long bright red light after release setting key, the remote control in the learning standby.
2, within about 10 seconds Press the set-top box remote control (ie to learn remote control) to be learning key (only select the TV area "TV", "TV / AV", "Volume +", " Volume - "," menu "," Mute "" OK "and" back "13 keys" F5 ", the four arrow keys, etc.)
3, to learn to be a TV remote control in the remote control at the front of 3-10cm (both remote launch tube aligned with the front end of the tube in the launch of the remote control). Press and hold the TV remote control is learning key about 3 seconds transmit learning signal, after learning reception is successful if the red light blinks rapidly three times and long light indicator; then release the TV remote control is learning key, set-top box remote control in Learning standby. If the signal is not received successfully learn, the red light does not flash quickly three times but long bright, to be re-Press to enter the learning state, repeat steps 2 and 3.
4, you can press the second and third step, then learn the other keys. After completing any key, press the Set button to exit the learning state.
5, after the success in learning, the set-top box remote control (that is, to learn remote control) towards TV Press just learning the "left direction" key, look at the TV remote control to normal, the red light flashes to indicate.

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