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Remote Control Electric Door Remote Control Simple Copy Method


Security outside work to be friends all know, electric door remote control is often a failure. Some units even often equipped with multiple remote control, electric door remote control used to prevent failures, resulting in the unit not operate electric door, the image of people traveling. The main electric door remote control fragile because of its simple structure, the number of plastic produced, but also for particularly large flow of people traffic unit, remote control frequently used, of course, can easily fail. Therefore, many units online or electric door manufacturers buy many remote control use. Currently more popular online is a universal remote control copy, many customers do not know how to copy this remote control and put into use. Today article as you easily solve this problem.
     Q: How to copy electric door remote control?
     A: If you want just bought an electric remote control normal use, home to confirm the remote control is not good, there is no quality problems can copy properly. In addition to understanding the transmission frequency of the remote control, jargon called crystal values. In addition, we need to read the instructions chip model is. Specific copy method, we need clean code and Duikao job, as follows:
     The first step: clean code. Both hands on the remote control lock button and down to build, then, the light will stop flashing, and then let go, that is clear success. How that discrimination on the remote control and clear out? Simply just press a button, click on the remote control indicator light goes out, it means you operate it successfully.
     Step two: Duikao. Come before the remote control, two remote control at the hands of the remote control while holding down two keys to open the door, the light will flash rapidly is successful. (Note that the remote control is best to close the line cell phone Bluetooth, infrared transmission, as limited by distance), copy the other three key method above, you can turn.

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