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Remote control service issues from the development of digital TV


With the global digital TV transition speed up the pace, China is also the country this year to achieve a large area of the "digital TV switch," most people bid farewell to the analog era, the arrival of the new digital era.

What is digital TV?

Digital television is a means of communication using digital satellite TV broadcasting and digital TV services, thus creating a set of high-quality image quality characteristics of the services in a digital television service.

Digital TV set-top box output is no longer analog TV programs often see "snow", "denim" and other interfering signals, the TV screen particularly clear, vivid TV picture quality up to 500 lines. Regular analog TV does not solve the "TV good looks" of the problem, and digital television set-top box output from the fundamental solution to the problem, digital television wider the selection of television programs, richer content, you can independently select channels, and you can always change the program in accordance with the needs of users of different tastes.
Ordinary TV via analog signal transmission, watching TV is "passive", the spread of digital TV set-top box full digital encryption and transmission technology, only authorized users gain the initiative to watch all kinds of new, faster high-quality TV program.
Appears obvious feature of digital television has changed the way services in the traditional sense, that is "sowing what see what" to "choose what to see what" and greatly improved picture quality. However, due to the country's vast television various provinces and cities have their own program mode, the overall conversion of each region to adopt the principle of local conditions, localized service to customers, thus converting equipment in all regions (mainly digital TV set-top boxes , remote control, etc.) are not consistent, Story.
As a manufacturer of remote control, which we found a problem, remote control as consumer electronics, consumables, impossible to achieve with TV and digital set-top boxes the same age, so remote localization service quite important, imagine if your home remote control is broken, four buy suitable remote control, you will bear directly on the machine operation? Or take a high price to buy a very complex operation remote controller, you like it? These have been serious enough to affect our daily lives, in today's highly developed material, we have a concept of cognitive services unprecedented agreement, the sale is very important.
But why is there such a significant service vacuum? Why such a large aftermarket so far no one cares? There are two reasons, one is the Government to implement "one-shot deal," the wrong starting point, to catch the performance, the engineering, the rush and the total conversion in a large area, but no positive research and hearings, did not go to the real concerns of potential service issues, there is a serious flaw. Second, the difference in various regions of the television program leads to each area of digital TV set-top box remote control vary widely, which ultimately led manufacturers to the country as a whole aftermarket hope born of confidence (only willing to turn the whole massive), for subsequent aftermarket, because of the number, time, the object in question without being considered, so this is a typical government intervention in the market economy, liberalization weakened.

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