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Remote fire-fighting equipment


After the bombings, the relevant departments and units to carry out immediate relief operations, including remote fire extinguishing equipment prowess, then what is it remote fire-fighting equipment?

Remote extinguishing device is one that can be remotely through the remote control device having extinguishing features.

Remote fire extinguishing system is not very extensive because of the higher costs of its own, and limited fire effects. At present only in some high-end technology in applications such as laboratory automatic fire extinguishers, fire-fighting vehicle sensing device, which is an increase on the basis of a sensor on the remote control to trigger the fire extinguishers program.

Intelligent remote control fire-fighting robots

Remote fire extinguishing devices advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: ability to remotely fire, can auto-sensing fire, will not hurt the lifeguard;

Disadvantages: high cost, limited fire-fighting capability, can not be recycled.

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