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Senior release 2.4G wifi dimmable color controller


Bubble Multimedia Remote Control Channel June 11 as one of a new generation of lighting technology, LED lighting is ushering in universal coverage period. In order to improve the properties of the final product. Senior Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City in March 2014 developed based on wifi or 2.4G wireless remote control dimmable color temperature adjustment function lighting controller. People can also enjoy coming home-like comfort and pleasure in a business atmosphere. Senior release 2.4G wifi dimmable color controller
      Senior LED 2.4G dedicated receiver controller, is now available to 2.4G control receiver in the Integration of LED lights.
Most important feature of the new product is equipped from incandescent color (2700K) to natural white (4500K) to cool white (6500K) color temperature modulation function, and can adjust the light and dark with the different environment. And this function is controlled by a single LED module implemented as an industry first. It can be any color temperature between 2700K adjusted to 6500K.
Moreover, the product includes a dimmer color temperature adjustment function also has the following four characteristics.
1, color rendering index "80, light effect" 80, namely double "80." Light color close to nature, hardly see uneven color and brightness inequality.
2, all linear adjustable color temperature, light-color process is not distorted, in line with CIE1931 color standards.
3, the control design of this product is simple to meet the intelligence needs.
4, no flicker, no glare, no ghosting; light color comfortable and healthy.
     In addition to energy-saving and intelligent experience, it can also be used depending on the purpose and the time period to adjust the color temperature of the light modulation purposes, Senior Technology expects wireless smart lighting coming in an array of fields supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, homes, hospitals and other applications.
For example, in the supermarket adjusted to look the most attractive color temperature depending on the commodity. For example, meat is 3500K, vegetables 4200K. While hotel rooms available and then work at rest, if available at the hotel for lunch and dinner, the family living room, then to his family reunion and the rest, adjusted to different color temperature and illumination. Adjust if depression is warm, let yourself get excited; when manic mood can be adjusted to cool, make yourself calm down; do your own psychiatrist, Senior science and technology programs and products have passed a number of test type, mature and stable, for the majority of LED lamp factory and smart lighting company to provide wireless intelligent lighting package solution with products and services.

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