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Set-top box to use the remote control


STB remote control can learn the original remote control of the TV "TV Power", "volume or channel", "TV / AV switch key."

STB remote control button learning methods:
1. Hold down the "Settings" button and hold 2 seconds, LED (light) illuminated by the dark into the learning state;
2. Click to learn key LED (light) flashes, this time in learning the receiving state;
3. Two remote control transmitter head aligned and in a straight line distance of about 1 to 3mm, press the TV remote control button and hold for about 1 second release;
4. After successful learning LED (light) rapidly flashes three times and continue to maintain a long bright, you can select another button to learn to learn again;
5. To learn other keys, repeat steps 2-4 several times;
6. Learning is completed press the "Settings" button to save and exit the learning state, LED (light) turns off.
Note: You must keep the two stable learning remote control operation, can not shake

a) learning two remote control transmitter head should have been in the same line, and the distance is less than 3cm;
b) enter learning feature if you do not select the button within 14 seconds will automatically exit learning state, after the Select button if not to learn within 14 seconds will automatically exit the learning state;
c) in the learning key state election and waiting to receive the signal state can press the Set button to exit the learning function.
d) learning the same key repeatedly, up to two continuous learning, learning the same key twice in a row after not immediately be able to select this button to learn, this button will save more than two consecutive study data; but in learning other keys or re-enter the learning function can re-select the key to learning, learning will overwrite previously learned codes.

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