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Shenzhen Anycon Electronics International Labour Day Hoilday Notice


Labor Day is approaching, according to the "Decision of the State Council on Amending the <National Holidays and Festivals way> of" the relevant provisions. Combined with our actual situation, the company decided, now in 2015, "51" Labor Day holiday matter are as follows:

Vacation time:

May 1, 2015 - May 3, 2015

may 5,2015


1, various departments do a good job finishing the workshop, rectification work, proper safety precautions, check the doors and windows, power is turned off;

2, Management Department for each door and window seals do red, heads of departments and security on-site photo archive;

3, out of safety during the holidays, and protect your documents, belongings, baggage;

4, try to choose public transport when going from transportation, to protect their own personal safety.

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