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AN2601 single IR DVD remote control


Single IR DVD Remote Control  AN2601

*Single IR DVD Remote Control

*Simply remote control for old people

*1 to 26 keys, make the keys layout as you wish

*The button quantity can be reduced by requirement

*Audio and Video application

*Cable TV and Satellite TV

*Peripheral applications

*With overlay.

Electrical Characteristics

Power supply:DC 3V
Working Voltage range:DC 2.4V~5.0V
Working Current range:<20mA
Standby Current:5uA
Transmitting distance range:8M
Hardware Parameter Remote size: 140.0*50.0*21.0mm
Total Key Number: 17
Net Weight: 54.8 g (battery excluded)
Battery type: AAAx2pcs

Key type: Rubber


product specification:
1 Model number :AN-2601
2 Battery :AAA X 2 pieces
3 Dimension :140.0*50.0*21.0mm
4 Function :Single function
5 Case :ABS                                                                          
6 Keypad :Rubber
7 Key number :Customized,1-26 keys
8 Overlay   : With overlay, can be customized
9 Logo :Customized logo print

Single IR DVD remote control  communicate to the TV, DVD player, and other hardware ... Those only compatible with one frequency are called single band IR extenders.

Quality Assurance:

1. For new development product, before mass production ,will do try run tocheck whether the process,and related file is suitable or not. 

2. For incoming materials, sampling observation proportionally based on the material character

3. In PCBA process, 100% full inspection of function testing, static current testing, working current testing

4. In assembly process, 100% full inspection of control distance testing, function testing, cosmetic testing,

5. Before shipping, sampling observation proportionally of control distance testing, function testing , cosmetic testing.

6. Rough whole product quality management system.

Single IR DVD remote control:
with the Single IR DVD remote control,you can handle the DVD,TV and other digital products. 


1. Q: Can I customized single IR DVD remote control by OEM & ODM?
A: Of course you can! OEM&ODM are welcome! It can be customized logo, color, pattern, printing, packaging design and style etc according to your requirement.

2. Q: Shall we place a sample order first? Can we get free sample? And how?
A: Sample order first is welcome! 1-5 pcs free sample can be provided depend on the material stock if no need to open new mould. More samples pls discuss with us on sample charge if need. Delivery freight will on your side if terminal address is out of Shenzhen City, China. 

3. Q: Do I have to order single IR DVD remote control under MOQ? 
A: Yes. We have to request MOQ from 1000-5000pcs depend on models and function request. Normally MOQ is 1000pcs-3000pcs/item for regular models.

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