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Smart Home: It is not remote, but smarter lifestyle


     What is a smart home? Like in our understanding, originally posted on the wall of the control panel removed, throw away the remote control on hand to switch to cell phones, tablet control, it is equivalent to the smart home.
      In fact, simple operation, control only a small part of the smart home. More importantly, through user-friendly design, large data computation, giving home products "wisdom" and let them know how required for modern life.
      From the most simple needs to proceed, is intelligent
      "Smart home" is a category of household sector in recent years sought. Through intelligent control phones, tablet and other terminals, so that the home space becomes more free, the past can only see in sci-fi movie scene, if at your fingertips. However, although the concept of smart home fired very fire, but has failed to enter the homes of ordinary people. The reason, many companies are focusing on integrated control, while ignoring the most direct and fundamental needs. This situation is gradually being broken. After rushing home after doing intelligent, more and more brands realize the importance of consumer demand rooted in, so there are more and more "practical" smart home products was born.
      Denmark has just entered the Chinese brand Danalock is a highly anticipated products, its market price less than 1,700 yuan, in line with the general population consumption levels. Scandinavian design continued the usual simple style, not only the appearance of the product is very simple, all packed inside a small box, behind consumers to buy products, just by the box gadget, you can easily DIY install. Like the traditional smart home, this lock can be controlled by mobile phones, flat APP. The brand's official said, in addition to strictly control the safety performance, the more humane, the owner can share key via phone, allowing guests access to "spare key" and may be canceled at any time. When you are not at home, distant relatives will be able to enter the house without hard to wait. As for rental housing, the owners will not need to worry about tenants expired duplicate key, very convenient. In addition, this product can also set when you get close, the door opens automatically sensing and closed within 10 seconds and so on, so that when carried your bags home, do not panic rummage key. These seemingly insignificant design, is now considering the needs of daily life.
      Not only to meet the demand, but also to explore the needs of
      Present life is good, but people will still pursue a more extreme way of life. Air conditioning, purifiers and other home appliances, seemingly intelligent necessary, but the birth of smart home subvert this idea, the machine is dead, but technology allows appliances more humane, people know better.
      Recently, the United States launched the brand Honeywell Air Touch-S smart air purifier, causing widespread concern in the industry. This is a will "think" products, this product brand for consumers to understand and big data cloud-based computing, can manage the home environment, by understanding the user's habits, intelligently serve different consumers. Its market price of 3,000 yuan, the same can meet the needs of the mass consumer groups.
      Honeywell smart home 马荣骏 general manager of Express reporter says: With this system, users can monitor real-time location purifier indoor and outdoor air quality compared. APP will show the current operating conditions and is expected to take time to purify, to customize the best breathing environment. The user can remotely control the time they got home, the machine has automatically purge completed. And when you're not at home, but also help to understand the remote control of the elderly and children, to provide quality air for them. And replacing the filter purifier is very troublesome for it, APP will estimate and remind replace the filter according to the time used.
      Users can also make an appointment by APP replacement, to make things simple and easy to operate. By understanding and big data computing habits of users, so that the function of ordinary household appliances become more humane, it may vary depending on the family's needs, and thus make life level has been further improved.
      Smart Connected to achieve full control of the future house
      Lock a APP, a purifier APP, APP ...... While a light air-conditioned smart home seems simple, but every program needs a APP to control, it is the greatest inconvenience. Express reporter learned that, although different brands are not compatible, but the same brand of product development does not stop at the single product, and for the development of the future of the Internet to leave port, leaving the whole house to pave the way for the combination of smart products.
      For example Danalock system except as door locks, the future may be with other security, monitoring, combining intelligent control, intelligent control of whole house home. Honeywell's have named "Honeywell H +" software, which is a continuing consumer demand and the development of platforms, including smart air purifier, including smart home products, all available on this platform making connections, creating interoperable platform for increased experiential. Marong Jun believes that smart home needs both devices, platforms, software and service elements in four areas. Real smart, not only have the Internet "super remote control", but also according to judge and deal with large data Jinxin provide appropriate solutions to make life more convenient and comfortable.

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